The Repair Shop’s Suzie Fletcher begs Steve not to ‘damage’ treasured item

The Repair Shop: Suzie Fletcher thanks the guest

During a classic episode of The Repair Shop, which reaired on Wednesday evening, siblings Suzie and Steve Fletcher were tasked with repairing a special leather trunk.

The item accompanied an army officer as he travelled through Africa immediately after the Second World War ended.

The guest presented Suzie with his father’s vintage light brown leather trunk which he used when he was in a peacekeeping role in Africa.

He went to Kenya then travelled from Mombasa to the European border and most of the time he was living in tents.

The guest said he could not get through a day without the travels being mentioned.

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Suzie was keen to know what the problem was with the well-loved case before the guest showed her the lock was broken, the corners were torn and the item was scratched.

“It’s worrying to see the tears and I can’t tell you what it would me to me… It is a really important part of our history,” the guest added before Suzie and Steve got to work on the item.

However, Suzie was concerned Steve might damage the well-travelled trunk as he was asked to fit keys into the case.

“I really need to take the whole case to work out some way of making the key without looking inside, but I’ve not done that before,” Steve admitted to his alarmed sister.

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An unimpressed Suzie replied: “Seriously? Well, I was hoping you would not have to take it. What I’ll focus on is making a lot of keepers.

“If I get on and do that, please do not cause any more damage! Please!”

Steve assured Suzie he’d try not to cause any more scratches as he tried his spare keys and picked the lock of the trunk.

The duo worked together to restore the item and hand it back to its rightful owner at the end of the episode.

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Upon his return to the famous BBC barn, the guest admitted he could not contain his excitement about seeing the renovated case.

He was astonished at how the key Steve made unlocked the trunk and described their work as “truly amazing”.

“My father would love the fact it’s been restored and he would be proud we have taken care of something which mattered very much to him,” the guest concluded.

The Repair Shop episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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