BBC EastEnders rumble major revenge twist as Eve makes shocking return

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    EastEnders fans are convinced Eve Unwin is set for a major revenge plotline against Ravi and Nish as she makes her shocking return to Walford.

    Fans saw Nish confronted by police saying they’ve had an anonymous tip that both he and Ravi are involved in Eve’s disappearance. Suki put her plan into action as she poisioned Nish’s wine in an attempt to kill him.

    Suki defiantly revealed all about her affair with Eve and demanded to know if she was alive. Nish lied and claimed Eve took £10,000 to leave before a stung Suki admitted the truth about the past.

    Police soon brought a search warrant to Ravi and his car and discovered blood in his boot before arresting him and Nish for her murder. Vinny arrived home and blamed a broken Suki for everything.

    Later, a desperate Suki sat alone with a bottle of pills, when suddenly, Eve arrived in Walford. Fans of the BBC soap have rumbled a twist and are convinced that Eve had planned this all out from the start, and thus was the anonymous tipster who told the police Ravi was seen in his car with Eve – and had planted the blood.

    They suspect she was the anonymous informant who alerted the police about Ravi being spotted with Eve in his car and might have planted the blood. One viewer commented: "Omg I just realised that eve herself probably put the anonymous tip through about being seen with ravi, and the blood in the car, as he said “someone’s setting me up” yes it’s eve as she needed a way to be able to come back."

    Another remarked, "That’s what I thought when I saw Eve back. She knows a lot about the law so could easily set up Ravi and Nish." A thirs said: "Eve definitely set up Ravi and Nish and it was glorious, I'm assuming she also was in the Slater house the other day too when Stacey thought Theo had broken in."

    While a fourth added: "So was it Eve that gave the police an anonymous tip off about Ravi and the car? Then she waited, watched them get arrested and went in through the back to see Suki."

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