Married At First Sight viewers threaten to boycott over Ella and JJ return twist

Each episode of Married at First Sight is filled with tears, laughter and, most importantly, drama. And tonight's episode (October 24) certainly delivered when it showed the sneak-peek for tomorrow's instalment.

In the trailer, MAFS UK contestants could be seen gasping with eye-widening stares as it appears Ella Morgan and JJ Slater make a very dramatic return.

The pair caused a stir amongst the group, in particular with Ella's husband Nathanial and JJ's wife Bianca, when they expressed feelings for one another. The situation erupted at one of their infamous dinner parties and later culminated with both couples leaving at the next commitment ceremony.

However, in a turn of events, it appears that Ella, 29, and JJ, 30, could be given another chance at love by the experts – Paul, Mel and Charlene – but fans seem less than thrilled.

As soon as the preview aired, fans rushed to X (formerly Twitter) to exclaim that they'd 'boycott' the show if they returned to the experiment as a couple.

"I'm not even being dramatic when I say I'm considering not watching because Ella and JJ are coming back," one wrote.

Another said: "Well it looks like Ella and JJ are coming back as a couple. Totally disrespectful." While another penned: "If that shock is Ella & JJ back I'm off… makes a mockery of the programme."

This dramatic teaser comes after Ella was forced to attend the most recent commitment ceremony alone since her groom Nathanial decided to leave the experiment off-screen.

She defended herself on the couch: "We [her and JJ] haven't done anything, we haven't had this seedy little affair. I am sorry Bianca but I feel what I feel. I will be getting to know JJ outside of this. I want to, and he wants to as well."

Relationship expert Paul then brought an end to the back and forth by announcing that it was time for Ella to "leave the process".

As yet another dramatic commitment ceremony came to an end, Bianca and JJ also both chose to leave the experiment, having realised there was no longer anything between them.

"It is what it is, I've found someone amazing so it is what it is," Ella added, while Bianca was still heartbroken the experiment didn't turn out how she'd "hoped".

Married At First Sight continues Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4

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