Emmerdale confirms new villain as Jai Sharma’s real father arrives in the village

Emmerdale’s next villain has been confirmed after Jai Sharma’s real father, Amit Sharma, arrived in the village.

Anil Goutam, who plays Amit, has hinted he is the new bad boy, as he makes his debut on the soap, in a surprise to his two sons, Jai and Suni.

Viewers will recall Amit was first mentioned during the summer when Suni made his way to Emmerdale for Jai’s wedding.

It was later confirmed in heartbreaking scenes that Rishi Sharma was not actually Jai’s father but Amit is because his mum Georgia once had an affair with him when she worked as his secretary.

On Monday, 9 October, Amit arrived at the Hide, where both Suni and Jai work, as he looked to make amends with his boys.

Speaking to OK! and other members of the media, Anil explained what fans of the show can expect from his character.

He said: “I'm really pleased with how it's been written because there are lots of complexities in this guy.

"Emmerdale allowed me that freedom, and they spent time talking to me – the show's producer Laura Shaw spoke to me about the character and asked what my thoughts on him were as well.

"Amit has a darker side to him, but not in his own mind! In his own mind, Amit does what he does to protect his family – but it's a question of what he thinks is the right thing. I think he can convince himself of pretty much anything being the right thing to protect them.”

The former EastEnders actor went on to discuss the father-son relationship between Amit and Suni, saying: “Amit looks out for his family and that is his raison d'être. Amit will look out for Suni, but in Amit's mind, Suni's sister has taken the role that Suni should have done.

“Amit thinks that Suni should have been the right-hand man in the business. He should be the person who takes over, but he hasn't wanted to do any of that.

"Amit is comfortable with Suni being gay. He may give the impression that he's not the sort of person who is comfortable with it, but he is. It just bugs him that, given all the advantages Suni has, he's decided to be a chef.

"To be fair to Suni, he wants to live his own life, but that's not something Amit can easily let happen because then things drift out of control. I'd say it is a controlling relationship, but underneath that, Amit needs to look out for Suni and protect him."

He also teased how Amit and Jay will get along now the truth is out there Anil explained: “Amit views Jai as the sort of son he should have. It's almost like, in a strange way, Amit is trying to impress Jai.

“Obviously, Amit has to make up for the years lost, where there was no connection or relationship at all.

"There's that guilt there, but on top of that, maybe Amit sees something of himself in Jai because he's a success. Amit wants to build a relationship because of all that time that's gone, but on top of that, I think there's a connection there that he feels in himself."

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