ITV’s Big Brother’s Matty says he’s ‘traumatised’ from show’ amid ‘messy’ relationships

Newly evicted Matty has spoken out about his time on Big Brother including the "messy" relationships and being "traumatised" from his time in the house.

Matty was evicted from the Big Brother house in a shocking twist on Wednesday 15 November, just days before the final. His dramatic exit took place as the housemates read their letters from home, with his ending by brutally telling him his time was up.

Speaking exclusively to OK! about his exit, Matty confessed: "I was ready to go at that point, I didn't come to win and I'm kind of glad I went in a super savage, brutal through at the back door, iconic way."

He added: "I did not expect that to come from the letters from home."

During his time in the house, Matty sparked up a close bond with Jordan which resulted in a suspected 'love triangle' between them and Henry which was heavily talked about on the outside. Matty said he was "surprised" to see how "big" the conversation had gotten on the outside.

Talking about his relationship with Jordan he confessed: "I wouldn't have changed anything really, the only thing I would have changed was maybe I would have asserted my boundaries with him a bit earlier.

"I was trying to really care and respect his feelings towards me and because we were friends, I know he's a very private person, I didn't want to air them out to Big Brother or other people in the house, I was aware that potentially his feelings would be aired to the nation that they weren't reciprocated and I was very careful.

"It turns out they were always aired to the nation so that was always happening."

He continued: "I feel like I was trying to not let him get hurt, but it ended up hurting me every few days when there was this constant cycle of spikiness on his behalf to protect his feelings towards me and eventually I stepped back and hit him below the belt and I actually wish I did that a bit earlier.

"We were able to have a nice friendship for the remaining days we were in there."

When asked what his boyfriend thought of the rumoured 'love triangle' Matty told us: "My boyfriend thought it was just funny, he could see what it was. I'm such an overthinker, I'm very sensitive and I really care about other people's feelings which at the detriment of myself, I realised in this process.

"I was trying to appease him, but I wasn't appeasing myself, actually, so I think my boyfriend could see that I was stuck between two places." He added that in the outside world they could have "just gone their separate ways" but in the house were also in the same friendship group and he didn't want to "isolate" himself or Jordan from the group.

"It was very complex and then when I found out that Henry had feelings for Jordan it just got messy." He went on to say that he was "overthinking everything".

During Sunday night's episode of Big Brother, fans watched as Jordan leaned in for an unexpected kiss with Henry as they were relaxing in the hot tub which continued into the bedroom. Speaking out about this relationship in the house, newly evicted Matty said: "Jordan did like me throughout the process and I think Henry likes Jordan."

He added: "From day one they have been super close friends but I also believe that Henry really likes Jordan in a romantic way, Jordan doesn't like Henry in a romantic way. But he's kissing him when he's having a glass of wine but Jordan's being honest and upfront about that saying 'Well I have some friends that I kiss'.

"On one sense it's a little bit confusing but he's saying it and being honest and maybe Henry is expecting there to be something a little bit more. But I feel like Jordan just wants friendship from Henry."

He added: "I think they will have a long-term friendship and be in each other's lives for a very long time.

"That house is a pressure cooker of emotions so it's very hard to say what will flourish."

When asked if he'd take part in Big Brother again Matty replied: "No, honestly I am traumatised from it.

"I'm so grateful for the experience, I had the best time of my life but I'm quite a stable, emotional state outside of the house and that place put me up and down up and down every few days."

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