First Dates waiter admits cheeky tactic to have sex after filming Channel 4 show

First Date fans may recognise Grant Urquhart from the popular dating show after working as a waiter on the series.

While he's since gone on to other projects including appearing on Ex on the Beach, a singing waiter and now a personal trainer. But prior to his career U-turn, Grant spent his free time away from filming with a lot of ladies, his co-star has said.

On First Dates: The Podcast, Frankie Bridge, Cici Coleman and Grant all appeared on the show. While Cici started sharing some secrets from filming, they confirmed they'd stay in a luxury hotel nearby afterwards.

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Cici said: "We would film all day and stay in the hotel in the evening." She then insinuated that Grant was surrounded by a lot of women.

Frankie cheekily asked if he'd had a "revolving door" of women, but Cici said: "I'd say more a revolving weekend of ladies." The ex telly waiter admitted he would just leave a key at reception for a woman to join him.

But, still confused, Frankie asked where he found the women if he had been busy filming all day – but Grant had a tactic. He warned that it sounded horrible, but Cici encouraged him to admit it.

He said: "So I was 21, fresh out of drama school but I literally just went on Snapchat and put, 'Got a 5-star hotel room for the night, anyone available?' and just sent it out."

Frankie quickly shared her shock but then added: "But people responded and came! Literally and physically, I hope. That's mad, I would be like, 'Nah you're alright'."

While he laughed off his previous way to get women to the hotel, he added: "I weren't the only one who did it by the way!", which Cici seconded and revealed other people had done it too.

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A lot of behind-the-scenes gossip has been shared on the podcast, and is done so regularly. Frankie and Cici are the leading hosts on the podcast and welcome guests on the show each week.

Aside from gossip, they've also shared advice for the dating world as well as stories from their past. The podcast is available to stream now.

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