Anneka Rice arrested at airport after being found with live bullet in handbag

Anneka Rice, the presenter of Challenge Anneka, was arrested at a Croatian airport after a live Kalashnikov bullet was found in her handbag. The bullet was given to her as a gift by a tour guide back in 2015, and she put it in her bag without thinking.

She recalled: "At the airport I was arrested. Because it showed up on security, they found a live bullet in my handbag.

"I didn't know what to say. I was separated my kids had to wave me off, I was taken off, I was searched, I was questioned."

The airport staff let her go because it was Sunday and they wanted to finish work early. She laughs about the incident now, explaining: "I associate Croatia with quite a lot of drama," and added that she was "nearly shot at in the hills".

Anneka feels honoured to have had these experiences in different countries. She filmed Challenge Anneka in the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s and helped to rebuild a school there.

She remembered: "There were snipers trained on us," recalling "I had a real moment of whether I'd get home." On her new Wine Club podcast, she says it felt "surreal" to return a few decades later for a boat trip.

Anneka also shared the anecdote on Twitter as she informed fans her podcast had launched with a snap of herself enjoying a glass of wine with Will Lyons.

She posted: "New Wine Times podcast launches today. Will Lyons &I are off to Croatia. I’ve been twice.

"I had snipers trained on me the 1st time. Ended up in A&E & arrested at the airport for having a Kalashnikov bullet in my handbag the 2nd. You? Hope you enjoy it!"

Fans were quick to comment with one joking: "It's always the quiet ones, isn't it… ! Enjoy your trip Anneka; above all enjoy the wine!"

Another shared: "Enjoy beautiful Croatia," while a third replied: "Looking very refreshed there Anneka!"

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