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TOP Boy has come to a dramatic end, which saw more blood shed than ever before.

But fans are keen to know more about drug dealer Sully's fate, and what REALLY happened to him in the fifth and final series.

Who killed Sully in Top Boy?

WARNING: Contains spoilers from Top Boy season 5 episode 6

After over a year of waiting, Netflix dropped all six episodes of Top Boy season 5 on September 7, 2023.

But the hit series – which tells the story of rival drug-dealing gangs fighting to be 'top boy' – saw plenty of blood spilled and, amongst others, killed off Sully (played by Kane 'Kano' Robinson).

After murdering his former friend Dushane (Ashley Walters), Sully went to visit his daughter,to say goodbye, before going on the run.

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He was then seen getting into his car and laughing to himself, believing he was home free.

But suddenly an unknown man walked past his car and shot him through the window, killing him instantly.

After this the credits rolled, and the show came to an end.

Netflix have not disclosed who killed Sully, leaving fans wondering who it was.

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His assailant is obscured by Sully’s car so can’t be clearly seen, although it seems to have been a man with blonde hair.

As it is the last ever season of Top Boy, viewers are unlikely to ever find out who the unknown gunman was.

What happens at the end of Top Boy?

The grand finale, titled If We Are Not Monsters, included plenty of high drama and shock deaths.

The hour-long episode started with the riot at Summerhouse, where residents had lit police cars on fire and were destroying properties across the estate.

Dushane was seen trying to get his hands on his passport and some cash so he can flit the country.

Meanwhile, Sully was seen telling Kieron that he knew he had lied to him about being aware of Jaq’s actions (stealing his drugs).

Kieron was then dragged away into a van and he was not seen again, and is presumed dead.

Shelley brought Dushane his passport and an envelope full of cash – but it's not enough money.

Jaq arranged to meet with Sully at the estate to hand him back the drugs she stole, and Dushane is seen telling her he will be at the meet to make sure things go smoothly.

However, he then instead jumped Jaq, punched her in the face and stole the heroin from her – he did this so he could pay some henchmen to help him escape to Turkey.

However Sully and his allies then got into a shootout with the henchmen, and eventually killed both of them.

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As Dushane attempted to flee the estate, Sully shot him in the side, and he slowly died.

After this, Sully is then killed by an unknown gunman and the show ends, forever.

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