Three explosive Emmerdale theories: Tom King’s shocking secret, tragic Lydia twist and Cain and Caleb truth revealed | The Sun

Emmerdale gave fans food for thought last week with Tom King clearly hiding a pretty big secret.

Though it’s not just Tom behaving badly with rapist Craig continuing to terrorise Lydia Dingle and 

Cain Dingle and Caleb Miligan hatching a nefarious plan.

Tom King is hiding something huge

Belle Dingle thought she’d finally found the one when Tom King returned to the village.

Yes, he’s a former stalker and recovering villain but he’s now a vet and saves hamsters and things so is really quite perfect.

But this week he was violently robbed of his new sports car and has been displaying more red flags than a protest in Tiananmen Square.

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Why did he downplay the robbery? Why didn’t he want people to know? 

Clearly Tom is hiding something huge – but what is it?

Lydia’s rape ordeal will take a tragic new twist

Emmerdale has been a tough watch this week with Lydia Dingle struggling to deal with the aftermath of her brutal rape ordeal.

She was attacked by boss Craig in harrowing scenes – but what came next has been even harder to deal with.

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Craig has refused to leave her alone and tried to gaslight her into believing they had consensual sex.

Things took a darker turn towards the end of the week when Craig turned up at Lydia’s house and made himself comfortable.

She went to the police but before she could report him, Sam called and revealed he was going away to work for a week, leaving her alone and vulnerable to Craig.

Lydia was terrified and rushed home to find Craig in the living room with the other Dingles. She sobbed silently, utterly broken.

But it has become clear that Mandy has noticed something is amiss – but there are worries she will jump to the wrong conclusion and accuse Lydia of having an affair.

Cain and Caleb’s exit is not what it seems 

If you’re struggling to keep up on whether Cain and Caleb hate each other or not, then this week is not going to help you decide.

After the gun running ordeal of earlier this month, Caleb and Cain seem to be on an even keel.

And now Cain has got a reason to leave the village – and wants Caleb to go with him.

However he can’t have anyone knowing it’s his idea – because reasons – and so Caleb has to pretend it’s his idea to everyone else.


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Quite why, we don’t know but here we are. It’s been built up as a huge criminal mystery but could it be far closer to home?

Could there be another Faith Dingle child knocking around?

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