Robbie Williams took sleeping pills to forget moment that could have ended job

Robbie Williams: Netflix documentary trailer

Robbie Williams has spoken out about taking sleeping pills to forget the horrifying moment which could have ended his music career, the singer explained in his Netflix series.

When the Angels hitmaker performed to a crowd of 90,000 fans in Leeds, his nightmares turned into a reality after he suffered a panic attack moments before going on stage.

“I can see the eyes, you can see the eyes, right?” Robbie said as he reflected on that moment during the documentary.

“What am I seeing?” the cameraman as the Take That star replied: “Trauma.”

Robbie explained: “Last night was an absolute disaster for me, and I developed a panic attack before I went on that didn’t finish all the way through the performance.

Robbie Williams

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“I could swear that people could read my mind and there were 90,000 people there.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever had one of those dreams where you’re on stage and you don’t know the script or you don’t know what you’re doing.

“I don’t know if you’ve had one of them, but how real and how terrifying that is. Well, it came true for me on stage in Leeds.

“I came off on the encore and I didn’t want to go back on stage ever again.”

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He revealed he kept shaking and was going through trauma on stage, so he was not able to speak as the crowds looked up at him.

Robbie continued: “We got back to the hotel and everybody’s world ended, and I just couldn’t feel anything other than guilt.

“I took some sleeping tablets just to get to sleep because I was never gonna go to sleep thinking about a gig tomorrow.”

While Robbie contemplated never performing in Leeds again, the realisation dawned on him that if he didn’t “it would cost me more money than I have got to cancel it.”

The singer added: “And everybody else’s livelihood around me would be devastated and that would be the end of my career.”

Robbie Williams lands on Netflix on Wednesday, November 8.

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