Naked Attraction host ‘lost’ by contestant’s odd flirtatious exchange on show

If past episodes of Naked Attraction are anything to go by, it takes a lot to confuse the likes of host Anne Richardson, however one twosome really left the star scratching her head.

The 53-year-old presenter quickly became a household favourite on Channel 4's most eccentric dating shows, that sees stars prance around in the buff at hope of finding romance and long term partnership in some cases. Earlier this year the popular programme was launched on HBO after the streaming giant bought the rights to the show – with the first six series being made available on the American platform Max.

Since then, the shows quirky popularity has been flung to new heights with streamers unable to get enough of the wacky naked dating series, with many old haunts from the show doing the rounds again on social media platforms.

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One instance that is circulating in the media again, was a past episode that saw presenter Anna become extremely confused over a flirtatious exchange between two contestants hoping to find love on the popular Channel 4 favourite

The toe-curling moment landed during the voice round when the remaining contestants were tasked with revealing how they sounded with cheesy chat up line to impress Sam – who was looking to find love.

With three remaining pods to select from the competition was certainly hotting up with the men having already exposed every inch of their bodies to Sam, it really was make or break with what they had left to offer.

Coming to the green Pod for a response, Sam was greeted with: "Hello, are you a Pokemon? I’d love to Pikachu” along with a little wink, this seemed to impress the picker, who chimed back with “Oh, I love that."

Now feeling confused after seemingly being the only person in the room not to get the chat up, Anna repeated the exchange out loud, she said: "Are you a Pokemon because I’d love to peek at you."

Sam who had been enjoying the response, turned to Anna to explained her understanding, adding: “Pikachu. Pika…," but it was no use as host Anna still seemed to be baffled, exclaiming "It's lost on me."

After wincing at the lingo for some time, the presenter got back to business with trying to find a match for hopeful Sam, asking her: "What do you think about his voice?”

"It’s a nice tone, isn’t it? With the little wink with the cheesy line," remarked Sam before she and Anna moved on to other contestants requesting for further niceties from the red and orange pods.

Eventually Sam went with the odd exchange from the green pod – who happened to be retail manager Ryan – with the pair going on a date and seeing sparks flying between them and the pair later seeing each other away from the cameras too.

Naked Attraction is streaming on Channel 4 in the UK and HBO’s Max in the USA too.

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