Married At First Sight expert Paul Brunson issues stern response to trolls slamming show

Married At First Sight UK star Paul Brunson has hit out at fans of the E4 reality show who have been trolling contestants on social media after it returned to screens in September.

Paul, 42, who is an expert on the hit dating show alongside Charlene Douglas and Mel Schilling, took to Instagram to issue a stern message to reality TV fans who share negative opinions about contestants online, branding them "keyboard warriors".

The clip, which he shared with the caption: "I’ve got a PSA for all @e4mafsuk fans and fans of reality TV in general," began with Paul talking about how popular the latest series of MAFS UK has been with viewers.

He then went on to explain how fans had been sharing their opinions about the show online and the one downside to this – people leaving negative opinions and comments on others' social media profiles.

"The moment you take an opinion which is negative and hurtful and you go to one of the contributor's pages and you post it, that tells me you have low self esteem," Paul stated. "It tells me you have a miserable life and it also tells me your breath stinks because there's good research to show that when you have those characteristics that your breath probably stinks."

He defiantly added: "If that's you, I want you to take your keyboard warrior fingers and sit your a** down because we don't want that around here. Maybe go and get a good book – and get a toothbrush."

His message was well received by people online, with many sharing their support and agreeing with Paul. One person said: "Omg Paaaul tell them, they need to know! Love this post!"

A second person said: "Everyone who watches the show will have an opinion on someone but it's absolutely not ok to publish nasty comments on social media. I followed MAFUS last season and the damage this caused one of the brides in particular was awful."

Paul's stern message comes after he opened up about how tough filming MAFS can be, admitting the show is "mentally and physically" draining, especially after the couples appear on the couch for their commitment ceremonies.

"I don’t think we’ve ever talked about this publicly – the day after we film the commitment ceremonies, normally, we cannot do anything," he told OK! before the new season began airing last month.

He continued: "We’re mentally and physically drained. To the point where I’ve stopped scheduling anything on the day after the commitment ceremony because I’m just drained."

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