Evan Ellingson death updates — My Sister's Keeper former child actor dies at age 35 as cause unknown | The Sun

CHILD star Evan Ellingson has died at the age of 35 in his California home.

TMZ reported that his body was discovered in his bedroom and no cause of death has been determined.

Ellingson is best known for his role in the film My Sister's Keeper, starring Cameron Diaz.

He also had a recurring role in CSI: Miami, starring as Kyle Harmon for a total of 18 episodes.

Ellingson also appeared in General Hospital, Mad TV, Bones, and films such as Walk the Talk, The Bondage, and The Gristle.

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  • By Sophie Gable

    Evan Ellingson's time on CSI: Miami

    Evan Ellingson appeared on CSI: Miami for 18 episodes as Kyle Harmon.

    Kyle's father, Lieutenant Horatio Caine, played by David Caruso, is the star of the show.

    Kyle decides to join the military, leading to an emotional goodbye between the father-son duo.

  • By Sophie Gable

    Evan Ellingson's stint on ABC sticom

    Evan Ellingson starred as Kyle Savage in an ABC sitcom called Complete Savages.

    The show followed Nick Savage, a single dad trying to raise his five sons after their mother left.

    Mel Gibson was an executive producer of the series.

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