EastEnders confirms onscreen couple’s ‘messy’ split – but you probably missed it

EastEnders has confirmed that one young couple have split, in a moment that viewers may have missed in a jam packed week.

While Cindy Williams Jr and Liam Butcher are not currently on screen, they have gone through a "messy" break-up while living abroad.

The couple decided to move away to Germany in 2015 when Cindy's relationship with Ian and Jane Beale started to struggle.

As a result of her departure, Cindy Jr has not been around for her mother, Cindy Beale, returning to Walford for the first time in 25 years.

Both the viewers and the residents of Walford assumed that Cindy had died while giving birth to Cindy, but recently, it has been confirmed that she was alive and in witness protection.

Her arrival came as a massive shock to the Beale family, and the Knight family, who she was with for a small time during her 25 years away.

This week, Cindy attempted to build bridges with her daughters, Gina and Anna Knight, but they rejected her.

After the rejection, in a conversation with Ian and their son Peter Beale, Cindy worries about how Cindy Jr will react when she finds out that she is alive.

Looking to put his mum's mind at rest, Peter revealed that Cindy and Liam had split, and she has decided to go travelling, meaning that it is unlikely that she will find out about Cindy any time soon.

As Cindy Jr travels across the world looking to find herself, Cindy Senior has time to think about how she will tell her the truth.

This was not the first time that Cindy had been mentioned since her mum's return to the Square.

When she first arrived, she clashed with Kathy Beale, but during their catch-up, Cindy asked her former mother-in-law if she was still in contact with Cindy Jr.

Kathy explained that she sends Christmas cards to her granddaughter, but she never hears anything back.

As the conversation continued, Kathy asked Cindy if she had spoken to her, but Cindy explained that she wants to, but she doesn't feel like it is the right time.

Cindy also explained that she doesn't know if she has the right to contact her given the fact that she doesn't know her, and Cindy jr thinks that she is dead.

As Cindy Jr continues to be mentioned, could the BBC soap be looking at bringing her back to Walford to add to the Beale drama?

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