BBC News presenter mortified as co-star makes very rude joke on air after error

A BBC reporter has left viewers in shock after making a lewd remark about his "equipment".

Peter Levy was hosting the evening edition of the BBC's regional news on Thursday (November 2). Levy has been a staple of the BBC's news coverage in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and is regularly seen on the red sofa for evening broadcasts.

On Thursday evening's edition of Look North, things had been going smoothly during the broadcast. This was until attention turned to the weather, where presenter Paul Hudson was standing by to fill viewers in on how the region would cope following Storm Ciarán.

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Peter explained to the audience that a technical glitch earlier in the day meant that the weather graphics system had stopped working. As a result, Paul was unable to do his weather report during the lunchtime bulletin.

"At lunchtime, his equipment wasn't working," Peter said. He then turned to Paul, who was based in a studio outside the news centre to ask: "Is it repaired?"

Paul, who had his hands in his pockets, came out with a cheeky dig that left Pete cowering in shock. He quipped: "Well, I think you'll find my ten week daughter proves there's nothing wrong with my equipment, Peter."

Presenter Peter scoffed immediately after the remark, putting his head in his hands as he tried to move on quickly. Paul continued on his tirade, however, joking: "Well, you asked!"

Trying to salvage the show, Peter asked Paul to get on with the forecast. Paul obliged, before cheekily saying to the camera: "Sorry, I'm off on a tangent there!"

Peter joked as Paul began the news segment: "I seriously need danger money for doing this programme." The camera had panned to the news presenter as he tried to hold back his laughter and remaining professional.

Viewers watching the show were shocked at the interaction between the two reporters, with many taking to social media to share their disbelief. One account took to the comments section to write: "A brilliant double act – haven't laughed so much since Morecambe and Wise!!"

A second user also gave his opinion on the pair, explaining: "Peter, you doubted viewers from Yorkshire were missing anything no longer seeing your & Paul's banter. I think this rather proves you are massively mistaken – I'm seriously considering using the iPlayer to watch your your future interactions."

Whilst a third viewer commented: "The interactions between these two have been legendary for years in Humberside and Yorkshire. It was worth watching the local news just for these two!"

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