All the signs Jamie Lynn Spears would quit ITV’s I’m A Celeb including emotional phone box moment

After just over a week in the Australian jungle, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here star Jamie Lynn Spears, has left the show early, bringing to an end her dreams of being crowned the Queen of the Jungle.

The 32 year old star left camp early on Wednesday 29 November, after she was excused from the competition any further on “medical grounds” by show bosses.

Jamie-Lynn’s exit comes after the star suffered a turbulent time in the jungle, with the younger sister of Britney Spears clearly having struggled to adapt to life without home comforts, or her family nearby.

It was the separation from her children in particular which proved to be a painful blow to Jamie-Lynn, with the star having voiced her desire to quit the show early on in the process just to be reunited with daughters Maddie, 15 and Ivey, five.

Here, we take a closer look at all the signs that Jamie-Lynn was struggling and the clues that hinted her exit would be imminent.

Threat to Quit

After just three days in the jungle, Jamie Lynn spears was already showing signs of cracking under the pressure of being separated from her children, as she tearfully confessed to the camp that she was struggling with being so far away from her daughters.

In heartbreaking scenes, Jamie-Lynn could be seen crying her heart out as she explained how difficult she was finding the experience – something which prompted her campmates to offer their sympathies and support to help her overcome the situation and continue to hang in there.

The situation soon escalated however, when Jamie-Lynn’s campmates failed to win her luxury item during one of the challenges, meaning she wasn’t able to received a photo of her children, something which proved too much for the star to bear.

In floods of tears, the actress told the Bush Telegraph, "I don’t get it… this is not okay, I wanna go home," she said. “I do not want to be here.”

Following the outburst, Jamie-Lynn returned to camp and told her fellow contestants: “I quit, I don’t wanna do it. I do not wanna be there.”

“I went to tell them [the producers] this is not fair. I quit. I don’t wanna do it, I don’t wanna be here, that’s so unfair that was torture. F*** this.”

As her co-stars immediately rallied around her, an emotional Jamie-Lynn sobbed: “I just wanna see my kids that’s it, I am struggling.”

Concerned camp-mates and 'isolation'

As well as her more public displays of struggling, cast and crew members taking part in the show also noticed that Jamie-Lynn’s behaviour in camp was becoming a cause for concern just days after she arrived in the jungle.

According to reports, Jamie-Lynn’s response to the nerve-wracking challenges on the show saw her labelled as a potential “flight risk” by crew.

Shortly after arriving in camp, The Sun reported that the star had isolated herself in camp on Saturday as she sought to distance herself from camp life, and even spent most of Sunday morning in bed rather than getting stuck in with chores or socialising.

“The entry trials for I’m a Celebrity are notoriously tough and Jamie [Lynn] wasn’t the only one who struggled through the challenges,” a source told the publication.

“But away from the cameras and scenes that aired on TV, it’s her behaviour in camp that has become obvious to crew. She has kept herself somewhat separate, not really socialising – and stayed in bed.”

They continued: “It looked like she is really missing her family and, of course, unlike the other celebs, who are all from the UK and mostly know – or know of – each other, Jamie Lynn didn’t have immediate connections like that.”

However, Jamie was often complimentary of her campmates, calling them "really nice and really kind" and said they made a "wonderful impression" on her.

Just hours before she made the decision to quit the show, Tony Bellew went down to the creek to check on her when she had once again excused herself to cry following a particularly gruelling day,

Phone-box Fury

In the hours leading up to her departure, Jamie-Lynn once again appeared to be struggling with her homesickness as she stepped up to the camp’s phone-box and attempted to make a call to the United States, while asking her fellow campmates what the international dialling code was for the US.

For a brief moment, the star appeared to be optimistic about her chances of speaking to her children, but after realising there was no dial tone and she couldn’t contact anyone, a frustrated and emotionally defeated Jamie-Lynn began smacking the handset down before muttering to herself about how much she hated the situation.

She said: "I hate it here so much, I hate it here so much, I hate it here so much. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it here.”

“This place is where people go to have the worst days of their lives.”

"Dear God please help me to make it. I think I've got to leave, I think I've got to leave,” she added.

Following this outburst, the star once again withdrew from the camp and vanished behind a large tree away from the others, where she could cry in peace and try to get a handle on the overwhelming toll of being miles away from her beloved family.

Tension in camp as feud sparks over “crying wolf”

Hot on the heels of Jamie-Lynn’s latest outburst, Sam Thompson appeared to call the actress’ bluff when he invited she wouldn’t actually leave the camp, as he tried to make light of the situation.

Dubbing her the “girl who cried wolf”, Sam appeared to dismiss her threat to leave – something which didn’t go down well with an emotionally volatile Jamie-Lynn at all.

"I'm not the girl who cried wolf, I'm speaking honestly about my emotions," she said.

"You're never leaving, you're going to be here longer than we are" Sam replied.

"I'm not crying wolf, I mean it every single time I say I want to leave," she said bluntly.

Fred Sirieix then weighed in on the situation as he seemingly agreed with Sam’s assessment and joked: "She'll be in the final two saying: 'I'm gonna leave, I'm gonna walk, y’all'."

Sam then even seemed to poke fun at her even further, as he asked if she wanted to be rocked to sleep in her hammock, in order to make her feel better – something which again, didn’t resonate with Jamie-Lynn in the slightest.

"No because you said I cried wolf, I don't cry wolf I mean it, every time I want to leave," she continued.

"I have bad days, not every day is sunshine and roses, do you have bad days Sam?"

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