Helen Flanagan wears a stunning Barbie pink dress while hosting karaoke party

Helen Flanagan looked stunning in a Barbie pink dress as she dressed up for a house party with friends.

The former Coronation Street star invited her pals for a fun night at home for a karaoke when she brought a box of HITSTER music card game to the table.

The interactive party game comes with a deck of music cards, chips, a mini disco ball and microphones — perfect for couples or a big group up to 10 people.

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Helen split the group in two teams and they ditched the pyjamas and went all glamorous for the night. She put on a pink sequin dress with feathers at the hem, showing her flawless skin in dewy makeup and her never-ending legs.

The 33-year-old took a sip of her drinks and played the game with her pals. The HITSTER music cards have QR codes where they open to the free app and the group just have to guess the release year, artists, and titles.

Dancing their night away, Helen posted on her Instagram post: "So me and the girls had a fun night in with HITSTER the ultimate new music party game. Hitster creates the instant party with over 300 hits from the past 100 years, competing against your friends!"

She gave tips to fans who are interested in buying the game, adding: "It's available on Amazon now!"

The box is priced at £22.99 on Amazon and players can link the game to their Spotify Premium account as the rules state "one person plays the DJ or players must take turns scanning the cards to play a song".

Fans commented on Helen's post, with one saying: "This is a great game!" Another added: "How fun does this look? We need this!"

Some who bought the game from Amazon called the HITSTER music card game a "real hit".

A person shared: "We had so much fun as a family playing this game. Ages 10-45 we all joined in and laughed! Loved it so much, I've ordered again for my friend and her family."

If music is not your forte, there are other great board games available on Amazon and you can pick according to your interest. Detective-themed board games like Cluedo and Scotland Yard are great for families.

There's also drama-based games such as this one from BBC hit drama The Traitors.

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