Escape games are used by corporates for team building

The success and profit of a business depends to a large extent on how well its employees work as a team. Office politics and conflicts can greatly reduce the morale and productivity of the employees. Hence many businesses are spending a lot of money on various team building activities. They are willing to spend money to ensure that their employees work as a team together, to attain their corporate goals.

Playing escape games is becoming increasingly popular as a team building activity worldwide. Businesses in Calgary can hire an escape room on the from escapehour for their employees to improve team spirit. The term escape room is derived from the theme of the escape games is that the players of the game should work together to escape the room in which they are locked.

The players will work to solve puzzles based on the room theme, find clues in the decor of the room, and work together so that they can exit the room within the specified time period of sixty minutes making it an exit game. The success of the players in exiting the room depends to a large extent on the teamwork, how well the members of the team are working together, to attain their goal of leaving the room quickly solving puzzles.

One of the advantages of being locked with other players in a locker room is that it highlights the different aspects of the personality of the player which may not be obvious in a corporate settings, where hierarchy is clearly defined. Some people are good at getting things done, while others may be good at searching or solving puzzles.

At Calgary, there are different themes for the escape rooms like Curse of the Evil Genie, Cypher space, Prohibition and Lost Jewel of Zanzibar and the business can choose a suitable theme based on the business profile and age of employees. Similarly the escape rooms in edmonton managed by escapehour have different themes of varying complexity which is indicated on the website.

The Bank Heist theme may be suitable for businesses in the banking and finance sector, while senator’s battle may be more popular with government organizations and utilities. The Matrix theme is liked by fans of the movie, while five lives allows the players to play five different roles ranging from a cosmonaut to a businessman. Five elements is also based on a popular movie. Typically each escape room can accommodate up to nine players at a time. So businesses who wish to reward employees and also improve team spirit are opting to hire the escape rooms from escapehour.