Travis Barker's Son Landon Reveals He Used To Struggle With ‘Abusing’ Alcohol – He's 20 Years Old!

Landon Barker is opening up about an “awful” period of his life.

In an interview with People published this week, Travis Barker’s son revealed that despite being just 20 years old, he’s already been through the wringer with alcohol abuse — which led him on a path of mental health issues. He told the outlet:

“It originally started with a bad habit with alcohol. I was abusing it and just abusing that substance, and then one day it just shocked me, and I had gone through that for months.”

He continued:

“It was awful, and I went through heightened OCD, heightened ADHD and heightened anxiety, all while disassociating and feeling like I was in a video game. I was watching my whole entire life through a movie screen. It was honestly awful. I always love to spread awareness about suicide and talk about it.”

That’s messed up! He’s SO young!

The Friends with your Ex singer added that his mental health issues, which began last year after picking up drinking, hit him “like a truck” during the dissociative period. He recalled:

“It kind of started with, I would drink, and then the day after, I would disassociate really bad, and that’s kind of how my habit of drinking a lot started. It was like, ‘Oh, I’d feel better the second that I had a drink.’”

However, he later got a concussion, which forced him to “deal with” his addiction and made him come to terms with his “addictive personality.” He explained:

“Honestly, I was a little bit too scared to start medication. I just know how I get just having kind of an addictive personality, and I feel like I would be too scared to put myself in a dependent situation where I must use something every single day. I was just a little bit too nervous to even try it, but I was doing a lot of therapy and working out, and it was helpful.”

We’re glad to hear he’s taking steps to better his mental health! As of now, the celeb kid hasn’t quite kicked the habit completely, as he admitted he still drinks in moderation:

“I think 100 percent it’s important for me to not make that a habit again. I always tell myself, ‘I’ll only drink on special occasions now.’ I just steer away from everything.”

Yeah, well, we hope those “special occasions” are in Canada, because the drinking age here is still 21, buddy!

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