TN Attorney Gen. Says 42 States Suing Meta Due to Addictive App Features

Mark Zuckerberg‘s Meta made sure to design Facebook and Instagram so they are super hard to quit, and the result has been bad for society … at least that’s the allegation from Tennessee’s Attorney General, and 41 other AGs.

Jonathan Skrmetti, the Volunteer State’s top cop, joined us Wednesday on “TMZ Live” to lay our why 41 states — and Washington, DC — are suing Facebook and Instagram’s parent company for allegedly harming our nation’s youth.

He says the social media apps are intentionally designed to take advantage of the way we’re all wired — making the platforms extremely addicting with features like infinite scrolling, reminders and notifications, just to name a few.

Skrmetti says Meta is fully aware the apps are hard to quit and bad for folks — he says they cause sleep deprivation, anxiety, ADD, depression and potential suicide.

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In his eyes, there’s only so much parents can do to stop their kids from getting hooked on social media, and it’s at a point now where the government needs to step in to make changes.

It’s pretty wild … Skrmetti tells us why social media apps are on par with addictive drugs, and it sounds like more lawsuits will be coming against other social media platforms.

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