Police Video Shows Bill Bidwill Jr. Leaking Blood After Alleged Fight W/ Wife

Bill Bidwill Jr. — the former Arizona Cardinals exec who’s the brother of the NFL team’s current owner, Michael Bidwill was a bloody mess following an alleged fight with his wife earlier this year … new police video, obtained by TMZ Sports, shows.

In the footage, you can see officers responded to Bill’s Paradise Valley, Ariz. residence at around 6 PM on June 9 following a report of domestic violence … they came into immediate contact with Bill, who appeared to be bleeding profusely from his face area.

Bill can be heard in the video — captured on Paradise Valley Police Dept. body cameras — telling officers his wife, Nicole Bidwill, had just roughed him up following an altercation over some carpet installation.

“She was very upset at me,” said Bill, who continuously wiped blood from his head with a large towel.

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“I’m sitting on the couch, and she’s screaming at me. And I was trying to not escalate because she has a very bad temper.”

Ex-AZ Cards Exec Bill Bidwill Jr. Allegedly Hit In Head W/ Glass Cup In Fight W/ Wife

Ex-AZ Cards Exec Bill Bidwill Jr. Allegedly Hit In Head W/ Glass Cup In Fight W/ Wife

“And then she started hitting me, and I just started defending myself.”

Bill told an officer Nicole “must have hit” him “a hundred times,” adding that the strikes were thrown with force. He also said that during the altercation, she picked up a glass cup full of beer and shattered it over his forehead.

“That cut me here,” he told a cop.

Bill added that as he tried to get away, Nicole grabbed him and was “just beating the s*** out of me.”

Bill, however, later told cops he did not want them to arrest his wife. Instead, he told them to take him into custody — explaining, “She is not going to tolerate that well.”

Meanwhile, cops also interviewed Nicole at the scene … though she appeared to be far less cooperative with law enforcement than her husband.

She, at first, didn’t want to get off the hood of a car she was lying on. She later didn’t want to answer questions, telling officers she wanted to wait for her daughter, who’s an attorney.

And, when cops placed her under arrest, she didn’t want to walk to their squad cars — so they carried her by her arms and legs.

As we reported, Nicole was booked on a charge of assault … though, according to a police report, Bill did not want to press charges.

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Bill served as the vice president of the Cardinals for several years when his dad, Bill Bidwill Sr., owned the team … and in 2019, he reportedly helped take over ownership following Sr.’s passing. He does not, however, currently have any role with the team.

Still, following the incident, the Cardinals released a statement to TMZ Sports … saying, “Two weeks ago, Nicole Kugler Bidwill was involved in an incident that resulted in her arrest. This is a difficult time for their family but her husband and children love her very much and are thankful that she is currently receiving the help she needs. They ask that their family’s privacy be respected as they deal with this challenging personal situation.”

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