Mrs Hinch slams troll who slated her for buying her son a doll and pram for Christmas

Mum of two Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, has clapped back at a troll who sent her a message fiercely criticising her choice of Christmas gift for her youngest son Lennie.

The cleaning guru announced she’d found the perfect present for doll-mad Lennie, two, buying him a brand new doll, pram and cot to be delivered by Santa on Christmas Eve.

Sharing her bargain buy on social media, the Instagram star shared a snap of the gift in question as she wrote: “Lennie absolutely loves his dolls. (I’m currently adding batteries to some things before I wrap.) And I can’t deal with his new doll, pram and cot from Santa! Bring on Christmas Day!”

Despite being proud of her gift selection, it appeared not everyone was as enthusiastic about her choice, with one critical follower even going out of their way to reply to the story and slam Mrs Hinch for having bought a doll for her little boy.

“Incredibly disappointed at the virtue signalling..” wrote the disgruntled follower. “I always followed you and your posts but now you’ve decided to jump on the woke train, whether you meant to or not.”

They then continued: “PS your husband should step in and defend his son’s honour and tell you he’s a boy. We need strong boys to grow up and be strong and masculine men!”

“That’s not toxic, it’s how healthy and functioning societies are built.”

After receiving the message, Mrs Hinch was understandably taken aback by the unsolicited advice and promptly hit back at her critic while screenshotting the message for all her fans to see.

“Sorry but what the actual hell even is this message?” Questioned the star. “Because I have bought my son a doll and pram? Is it me or what the hell is going on nowadays! I must be on a different planet.”

In a subsequent story, Sophie then continued: “Guys, what do you even say to a message like that? I haven’t replied but sometimes you just get some messages and you think: What the hell?

“I bought my son a doll, a pram and a cot because he loves dollies. He loves putting them to bed. He loves pushing the pram. I didn’t think anything of it and then I get that sort of grief. No words. No blooming words.”

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