Jonathan Taylor Thomas Surfaces Publicly for First Time in 2 Years

jonathan taylor thomas

Jonathan Taylor Thomas said he’d be home for Christmas, and after disappearing from public life for a long time … he’s here to make good on his promise.

The elusive child star — who vanished from the big show ten years ago — surfaced earlier this week in SoCal … where he was apparently out running errands near his home. As many people have noted, the dude looks almost unrecognizable compared to his childhood.

Nothing all that remarkable in the pic itself … it’s just a guy who’s left Hollywood behind minding his business. But considering how big a star he once was — it is eye-popping.

Remember, the last time we saw JTT making the rounds and signing autographs was way back in 2013, and at the time … he was very much doing the A-lister thing, embracing cameras, questions and fans. Now, though, it’s quite clear — he wants none of that.

It was around this same time that he opened up to People Mag about why he’d decided to step away … saying he’d been working since he was a young kid and wanted a break. He also said he didn’t want fame to define him, and simply didn’t care much about it.

The last time Jon was out in public was during COVID — when he was spotted walking his dog and laying low. Now, two years later, we’re seeing him again … sans any pooch.

Here’s hoping he’s enjoying himself in whatever it is he’s up to these days. And since it’s that time of the year … no better time than to peep his classic holiday flick, not to mention all his other treasures from the ’90s. ‘Lion King,’ ‘Home Improvement’ … true legend, indeed.

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