Dramatic Video Shows Police Pursuit of Two Teens in Stolen SUV

Two teens stole an SUV and went for a joyride in Florida, but they got into a wild, high-speed police chase and ended up under arrest.

Sunday’s dramatic pursuit was captured on aerial footage from a police helicopter as marked vehicles followed the juveniles in a red Toyota along the Tampa freeways, going at dangerous speeds. Earlier that day, the suspects had stolen the vehicle, which was left unlocked with the engine running in a driveway.

In the footage, the helicopter cop talks over the radio with another officer, confirming the color of the SUV and that it’s traveling in the left lane.

The video then jumps to another highway, where police cruisers surround the Toyota and try to corral it.

But, the SUV drives off the road and onto a grassy embankment, managing to escape, though it’s only for the moment.

While continuing its pursuit, one cop car performs an approved police maneuver called PIT, plowing into the Toyota, which spins around and comes to a stop on the thoroughfare.  (PIT stands for precision immobilization technique, which is used as a tool to end police chases.)

Deputies exit their vehicles and point their guns at the teens, ordering them out of the SUV.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said they arrested the 15-year-old driver who was charged with aggravated battery on law enforcement deadly weapon, grand theft motor vehicle and fleeing to elude high speed. The 14-year-old passenger was charged with grand theft auto.

No one was injured.

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