Carol Vorderman wants to be euthanised with her final words ‘stop the Tories’

Carol Vorderman reveals cancer scare after mother’s death

Carol Vorderman said she wants to throw a big, final party, when her time comes having been inspired by the death of her brother’s friend.

The friend, named Dave, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and travelled to the Netherlands for euthanasia, where it is legal.

Carol, 62, added that she hopes the UK considers legalising the termination of life under exceptional circumstances too.

She said in a new interview: “Dave had terminal cancer and had decided that he wanted euthanasia,” she explained of her brother’s late pal.

“They had the party and the next day, Dave died.

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“The same people then went to the funeral. I thought, ‘How dignified and wonderful that was’. “

“It really made me think a lot about how I would want similar, to be perfectly honest. You know, not joking about it, having seen my mum’s last breath… I just thought that was very dignified.

“I do. I think it is something that should be discussed.”

Carol, who lost her mum Jean to cancer in 2017, shared her ideal death to Kathy Burke on her Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wake podcast.

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She also quipped that she would like her final words to be: “Stop the Tories.”

She said of the Conservatives: “There are a lot of people saying that and people who voted Tory all their life are going, ‘I don’t understand’. How have we got to this place where it seems almost criminal?

“The lying is so much, it’s almost like you’re being coercively controlled. It’s a manipulation of a population.”

However, Carol avoided answering just how many “special friends” she has in her life when questioned about it on the podcast.

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The TV personality has previously opened up about dating multiple people, but declined to reveal the exact number of “lovers” that she juggles.

It comes after she revealed in January that she had five “special friends” who she is romantically involved with, but it is unclear if that figure has changed.

“Well, I don’t like to say really,” she replied demurely.

However, she added: “Well, enough. I call them special friends. I’ve got enough.”

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