Britney Spears may have behind-the-scenes help on saucy videos, says expert

Britney Spears shares pole dancing video on Instagram

While Britney Spears’ dancing clips on Instagram are nothing new to the singer’s avid followers, the 41-year-old has only recently taken her risqué moves a step further by adding a pole to her setup and stripping down to her lingerie.

Earlier this week, the Toxic singer appeared in front of her 42 million followers in a sheer purple bodysuit and knee-high black boots, flaunting her iconic curves and whipping her long blonde hair as she twirled through her living room to the tune of Daddy Lessons by Beyoncé.

One expert claims the effortless moves Britney showed off could indicate that she’s getting some behind-the-scenes help from professional dancers.

Body language expert Judi James told The Mirror US that the risqué moves may look “like the usual” routine Britney has been performing for the last few months but lifted the lid on several subtle changes that could indicate the pop star is getting some assistance with her clips.

Judi pointed out that the mother-of-two had neatly brushed hair with her makeup and outfit seemingly more professionally styled than some of her other appearances and claimed that the “bum-focused movements” are “straight from the pole-dancers hand handbook”.

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She added: “It does look as though someone or Britney herself, might have decided to restore some order to her video posts here.

“Her dance moves are less random and less spontaneous-looking.”

The body language expert also picked up on one detail that only a few eagle-eyed viewers had spotted as the background of the Hollywood star’s sensual clip held a fully decorated Christmas tree.

Like many, Judi theorized that this either means the video was almost a year old or that the Work singer “likes to be first off the blocks when it comes to decorating her house”.

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Some also pointed out that the song choice may have revealed that it’s a recent video, with Daddy Lessons being about going to war and a broken trust being passed down for generations.

Britney has been notoriously estranged from her family since her conservatorship ended in 2021 and is planning to release a memoir later this month, likely packed full of bombshells from those 13 years.

Additionally, Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, has reportedly been hospitalized recently after he got an infection so severe he required surgery.

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