Biden Campaign Recruits Battle Rappers to Hash Out Pros/Cons of Voting

Joe Biden just found a new, unique way to reach a demographic of voters who might tune out his typical ads — turning to hip-hop and rap to get out his message.

The Biden-Harris campaign just released a new political spot featuring New York battle rappers Charlie Clips and DNA — who are incredibly well-known and respected in their craft. Sure enough, both men used their gift of gab and rhyme to hash out the pros and cons of voting … and to convey what Joe and Kamala say they can do for African-Americans.

Charlie is the disillusioned one … taking on the role of the on-the-fence voter who’s not pleased with this year’s choices for President — like many Americans. DNA’s on the other side of things, laying out, in sometimes excruciating detail, why he feels Joe’s the better option.

They hit several hot button issues — Black ownership of businesses, HBCU funding and police reform. We’ll say this … the ad is innovative — not to mention incredibly well-written as far as bars go. However, it also runs the risk of coming off as pandering … depending on how people take it.

One thing is clear … the campaign is trying all sorts of social media outreach — collabs with The Rock and J. Lo — to reach voters before Nov. 3.

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