Zero Gravity Launches Film Slate With Ghost Story ‘Wraith’

Zero Gravity has secured $100 million in financing and announced a slate of films. First up for producer Mubina Rattonsey’s U.S. production shingle is Wraith, a modern ghost story from God Is Dead director Armaan Zorace.

Wraith follows a married couple that heads to a new town, only to find an evil presence that surrounds them. Now they have to fight forces from other dimensions to survive. Zero Gravity Motion Pictures said film will be shot in a yet-to-be-announced Islamic nation with exclusive access to film in documented haunted houses to capture Muslim exorcisms. The team is developing camera technology called Ghost Cam that’s specifically designed for the project as well as a deep attention to the film’s sound.

“I consider sound to be 50% of the moviegoing experience, and Wraith will feature a special Binaural 3D sound which will transport the audience directly into the world of the characters and give them an intense, immersive paranormal experience,” Zorace said.

Other features Rattonsey and Los Angeles-based Zero Gravity are developing include the comedy Honeymoon in Taliban and sci-fi pic Gamma Man. Rattonsey’s producing credits include Before the Rains, Tahaan: A Boy with a Granade, Kaminey and Urumi. 

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