‘You washed your hands?” Saturday Kitchen guest skewers TV chef over hygiene

Barry Humphries asks guest chef if he has washed his hands

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On Saturday, comedian Barry Humphries appeared on Saturday Kitchen when he joined presenter Matt Tebbutt and Spanish chef Omar Allibhoy. The TV cook was preparing a traditional chicken dish and while observing Omar, Barry questioned the cook on his hygiene after he had prepared the raw chicken.

The TV star who is better known for playing his on-stage and television alter egos Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson, watched closely while Omar diced the meat.

As the Spanish presenter began to chop his leeks, Barry asked: “Omar, is it too late to ask whether you washed your hands?”

The cook replied: “Yeah, I just did before the show and after the chicken.”

“You probably saw me,” he hit back at the comic.

“Watching this show, there’s a lot of fingers,” the comic pointed out.

In jest, presenter Matt quipped: “There’s a lot of fingers involved in cooking, generally.”

The 88-year-old followed with: “And it comes into my mind when I watch these fingers.”

“I like to know what they’ve been up to,” he remarked while Matt demonstrated: “We’ve got taps in the background.”

“Working taps,” the host added as Omar recalled: “Which I went and washed my hands [with] after the chicken.”

“Good point, health and safety come first and when cooking even more so,” the chef told Barry.

Praised for his dry sense of humour, Barry was called “the best guest” on the daytime cooking show with BBC fans sharing their thoughts on social media.

On Twitter, @anita_sharma gushed: “Surely @Barry_Humphries is the best guest @SaturdayKitchen have ever had!” (Sic)

“He’s a genuinely fabulous guy and an absolute riot! Best ever #saturdaykitchen Enjoying every second of this episode!”

@toneolddude echoed: “#SaturdayKitchen this morning is what live tv is all about. Controlled chaos, spontaneously rolling with whatever Barry throws at them.

“What joy to watch,thank you producers.”

Another @mturf beamed: “@SaturdayKitchen this is delightful watching such a lovely man cause so much chaos.

“Hearing the laughter from off screen always makes me smile.”

Later on in the programme, the beloved stand-up star was awarded a Guinness World Record for playing the longest-running character Dame Edna by the same actor.

When given his certificate, an emotional Barry said: “Thank you so much.”

Wiping away his tears, he told BBC viewers: “I wasn’t prepared, that’s very nice.”

One user, @HelenLMeldrum, praised the moment, saying: “Wonderful tender moment with Barry Humphries getting his book of world records certificate in the midst of the chaos he’s creating on @SaturdayKitchen.”

Saturday Kitchen airs Saturday on BBC One at 10am

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