Yellowstone star Josh Lucas admits he initially wanted different role

Yellowstone: The cast discuss the ranch being split

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After a few appearances in seasons one and two, season five of the Paramount Network show Yellowstone has seen Josh Lucas finally get his chance to shine playing the younger version of Kevin Costner’s irascible patriarch John Dutton. Best known for films such as Sweet Home Alabama and A Beautiful Mind, the 51-year-old Arkansas native perfectly captures Costner’s essence and appears a natural for this role. However, when first approached by creator and writer Taylor Sheridan about a part in the show, he admits he had his eye on a different character.

“I’ve not said this to people, I really wanted to play Rip,” Lucas revealed.

“But he clearly wanted Cole Hauser and it was kinda cool for me because I’ve known Cole since we were like 17, 18 years old.”

Lucas had been a big fan of Dazed and Confused, which Hauser appeared in, and had been keen to meet some of the cast.

When Los Angeles-based Hauser visited New York with some of the other cast members, he and Lucas hit it off and he even slept on his co-star’s floor for a couple of nights.

The character of Rip, who Lucas originally hoped to play, is the foreman of the fictional Yellowstone Dutton Ranch which is central to the show.

He was taken in by the Dutton family as a young runaway after he killed his father, who had murdered his mother and brother.

Last season he married John’s daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly), making him John’s son-in-law in season five.

Rip has been at the heart of the action this season as he adjusted to married life and also the additional demands of the ranch while John is on Governor duty.

The fact that Lucas’ scenes are set in the ‘90s means that the friends don’t perform any scenes together.

But he still sees him on set, and he fondly recalls him in his younger days.

“I always remember Cole being a striking force,” he remembered when speaking to Deadline.

“It’s interesting now that he is Rip because he has that same power and energy and danger inside of him, but there’s also a soulfulness.”

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Lucas is having quite the season on the show as we finally learn some of what makes Costner’s John Dutton III, tick. 

In season five he is elected as the Governor of Montana – a role he put himself forward for in order to prevent the construction of an airport which would destroy the local area.

However, he quickly learns that politics is an entirely different world to ranching and quickly causes quite a stir amongst his staff.

The flashback scenes featuring Lucas prove that he has always been principled.

As young John in the 1990s, he confronts developers whose chemicals are poisoning the water and takes on the powers that be about predators killing the cattle.

He exudes the same passion as Costner and even has his gravelly drawl down to a tee.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how much more of him we will see in the role.

“I don’t know how much more after episode eight,” he said.

“I hope a lot more. I love doing the show, but I don’t think anybody knows. I think it’s entirely in Taylor’s head.”

Yellowstone season five, part one is streaming on Paramount+ in the UK now. Part two will stream later in 2023.

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