Yellowstone fans gobsmacked as former star returns to surprise Jamie ‘Totally unexpected!’

Yellowstone: Sneak peek at season four episode six

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Jamie Dutton (played by Wes Bentley) has had far from an easygoing time in Yellowstone season four so far. John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) adoptive son has found himself at somewhat of a moral crossroads as he tries to get to the bottom of his biological dad Garrett Randall’s (Will Patton) potential links to the season three attacks on the Dutton clan. But in episode five of the Paramount drama’s latest run, as Jamie continued to dig for dirt on Garrett and manipulate attacker Riggins (Bruno Amato), he soon found his world rocked by the return of former flame Christina (Katherine Cunningham) – and she wasn’t alone.

Christina and Jamie enjoyed a romance way back in season two when the adopted Dutton ran for Attorney General. 

Cunningham’s character worked as Jamie’s campaign manager but when she discovered the murderous and dark underbelly of the Dutton way of doing things, she wanted to cut ties.

However, before making her exit, she dropped the bombshell on Jamie that she was pregnant – but made it clear she wanted him to have nothing to do with the child if he continued to stay loyal to John.

Now a few seasons on, Christina has returned to the fray and it looks likely down to Garrett’s scheming ways.

Just as Jamie was getting closer to implicating his biological father in the attempted murders, Christina reappeared and knocked Jamie for six – none least because she had their baby son in tow.

But what does Christina’s reintroduction spell for Jamie’s future?

Speculation is rife with fans tipping Garrett bringing Christina back to get Jamie focussed on his child rather than getting to the bottom of the Dutton attacks.

However, it could also be a coincidence and Christina may have just decided now was time for her son to meet his father.

Whatever transpires for Jamie and Christina in the future, it’s safe to say Paramount viewers were shocked to see her return.

Reacting to Sunday’s episode, @7ruby18 said on Reddit: “Christina coming back with a baby. OMG! That was totally unexpected at this point in the story! 

“And how the f**k did Garrett know about her??? I’m wondering if he hasn’t been keeping an eye on Jamie and John for some time now, scheming and dreaming for years.”

On Twitter, @sdixiecotton weighed in: “@Yellowstone oh Lawd not her again! Go way way Christina! #YellowstoneTv.”

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“UGHH NOT CHRISTINA #yellowstonetv,” @counterfetts agreed while @NicolesFandoms added: “Great episode tonight of #YellowstoneTV poor Lloyd but Rip is following what John orders regarding Walker and the barrel racers, I loved the scenes between Lloyd and Carter and oh yeah Jamie’s baby momma is back! 

“Once again everything is slowly building, but still so good!”

Andre Hollings also raised suspicions by tweeting: “Jamie is a … father? This is too coincidental. #YellowstoneTV.”

While Candice Meadows echoed: ”I am convinced that Jamie’s ex will have been in cahoots with Jamie’s biological dad this whole time. #YellowstoneTV.” (sic)

While the future for Jamie looks well and truly up in the air, the promo for the next episode hints he’ll be far from on side with Garrett.

The trailer shows Jamie holding Garrett at gunpoint while he remains calm and collected and warns him: “If you wanna shoot, shoot. 

“You’ll be a murderer, but it wouldn’t be the first one you’ve covered up,” Garrett taunts – referring to Jamie’s killing of journalist Sarah Nguyen (Michaela Conlin).

So will Jamie kill his father if he learns about his part in the Dutton attacks? Or with Christina now back in the picture, will he pour his focus into winning her back?

Yellowstone season 4 continues Sundays on the Paramount Network in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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