WWE responds to rumours Crown Jewel could be cancelled or moved following Saudi Arabia political controversy

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has released a statement responding to the rumours that their Crown Jewel event — which is currently set to take place on November 2 — is going to be cancelled or moved to Manchester, in the midst of a huge political controversy.

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and the United States of America are high because of the disappearance and alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a critic of the former country.

American businesses have recently pulled out of deals with Saudi Arabia as a result of the political tension and WWE has now issued a statement to Digital Spy regarding the event in Saudi Arabia, stating: “We are currently monitoring the situation.”

In addition, the YouTube and WWE website pages for the Crown Jewel event have removed all references to Saudi Arabia, according to Forbes.

Just last year, the WWE began a 10-year deal with the Saudi Kingdom, which was heavily publicised in promotional trailers and interviews with stars like John Cena.

Businesses that haven’t severed their relationship with Saudi Arabia are currently facing heavy criticism from fans, industry pundits and US senators, with WWE in particular being the target of a scathing commentary by Last Week Tonight host John Oliver.

When the WWE makes a further statement regarding the Crown Jewel event and their relationship with Saudi Arabia, we will update with all of the details.

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