Why Princess Charlotte is Not Allowed to Sit With Her Parents During Royal Dinners

The life of a princess isn’t always easy as even one of the youngest royals has to follow protocol just like the rest of the family.

Princess Charlotte is so adorable that you would think rules would be bent all the time for her. However, that’s not how things work in Kensington Palace and therefore she is expected to follow many rules including one where she cannot yet sit with her parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, at dinner parties. So whether she likes it or not the little princess is designated to the kid’s table.

Here’s the surprising reason why Charlotte can’t sit with any of the older royals, plus a look at a few other regulations she has to follow.

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Why she can’t sit with her mom and dad

Princess Charlotte is not permitted to sit at the table with the adults until she can carry on a dinnertime conversation with others.

According to Harpers Bazaar Australia, the princess will be bumped up to the same table as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge once she has mastered the “art of polite conversation.” The same goes for her brothers, Prince George and Prince Louis, as they too will be at the kid’s table until that time comes.

Charlotte must learn multiple languages

In addition to sharpening her conversation skills in English, Charlotte is required to learn how to speak other languages as well. In fact, she and George already know some Spanish.

The siblings’ nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, who is from Palencia, Spain, has taught the prince and princess how to count and say several phrases in Spanish.

She has a specific dress code

Prince George and Princess Charlotte | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

You may have noticed that Charlotte’s big brother, Prince George, is almost always in shorts as that is part of a long-standing tradition for royal males until he graduates to trousers at about 8 years old. But did you know that Charlotte has a dress code of her own?

Appropriate attire the princess can wear includes a colorful smock dress with a Peter Pan collar. Her outfits are mainly paired with a matching bow in her hair and a pair of Mary Janes on her feet.

Charlotte cannot wear a tiara until she’s married

Although she is a princess, Charlotte won’t be wearing the family jewels on her head any time soon.

Another thing that Charlotte and other princesses in the royal family cannot do is wear a tiara before they are married as they are reserved for their wedding days. “It’s a sign of status and would show you were taken and not looking for a husband,” etiquette expert Grant Harrold explained.

For example, Prince Andrew’s daughter, Princess Eugenie, has been a princess all her life but was never permitted to put a tiara on until she and Jack Brooksbank tied the knot on Oct. 12, 2018.

So Charlotte has years to go before we see her in one.

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