Who Killed Sara: Whose skull did Alex dig up?

Who Killed Sara: Manolo Cardona stars in Netflix trailer

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Who Killed Sara? is on Netflix now and the series ended with some major cliffhangers. The murder mystery failed to reveal who was responsible for killing Sara Guzmán(Ximena Lamadrid) at the end. Another question fans have raised is who the skull in the front yard belonged to.

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Who Killed Sara?

Whose skull did Alex dig up?

Who Killed Sara? has already gone down a huge hit with fans across the globe as they were keen to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Alex Guzmán (Manolo Cardona) had spent years in prison, having been wrongly accused of his sister’s death.

He then made it his mission to find out what really happened to Sara, and fans were hoping all would be revealed.

Yet they were shocked to see the series end on a major cliffhanger, with multiple suspects highlighted.

Fans have taken to the online platform Reddit to discuss another unsolved mystery.

They have asked whose skull had been buried in the front yard and some fans have suggested it is a character called Flora’s.

One fan responded: “The skull is a cliff hanger, it could be Flora although the timeline doesn’t add up since it was wp years ago she died.

“César is the one who killed whoever it was. Who knows? It could be Nicandro it could be a new character, we’ll find out in S2.” [Sic]

Another fan had asked: “I feel really dumb asking this but whose skull did Alex dig up and what led to him doing it?”

Viewers are certain Sara knew the person as Alex found evidence in her diary.

One fan added: “We don’t know whose skull was, but he saw a drawing in the secret diary of Sara, there was a drawing with a grave in their garden.”

The skull had been buried in the Guzmán family’s garden, with a bullet hole in the centre of its head.

While some fans suggest César (Gines Garcia Millan) is responsible, others believe Sara may have shot the victim.

Fans believe she has already admitted to killing someone, so this could have been her target.

At the end of the first season, an extract in Sara’s journal triggers a memory in Alex and he started digging in the yard.

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He found a skeleton and lifts up the head of the skull before flashbacks show César shooting a woman.

Some fans have suggested the skull could belong to Sara herself, as they are still convinced César killed her.

The mystery has been driving fans crazy and they have taken to Twitter to ask the same question.

One said: “I don’t understand the ending of #whokilledsara whose skull was that buried in the backyard?”

Another said: “Everyone saying nice series on the trend, I just wantu know whose skull was that at d end.” [Sic]

The series is yet to be renewed for a second season but fans can only hope the answer is revealed.

On the day of the release, one fan said: “Netflix needs to hurry up and release s2 of Who killed Sara already.

“Ik s1 has only been out for a couple of hours but I cannot wait another year to find out what happens next.” [Sic]

Viewers said their minds were left “twisted” after watching the thrilling series and they are keen for more.

A third fan said: “I need someone to be watching #WhoKilledSara because this show is amazing. Tense, nail biting, and engaging.”

Who Killed Sara? is streaming on Netflix now. 

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