Who Is Katherine Heigl's Husband and How Many Kids Do They Have?

Grey’s Anatomy alum Katherine Heigl recently celebrated her 13th wedding anniversary with husband Josh Kelley. The couple adopted two daughters – Naleigh, 12, in 2009, and Adalaide, 8, in 2012 – and welcomed son Joshua in December 2016.

While Heigl is recognized for her many TV and film roles, her hubby is an accomplished musician. The singer is clearly a committed family man, where he recently included them in his latest music video.

Josh Kelley featured wife Katherine Heigl and their children in ‘Busy Making Memories’

Apparently, music runs in Kelley’s family. His brother, Charles, is a member of the country group Lady A and has several hits of his own. As for Kelley, he recently dropped his single “Busy Making Memories” and had his wife and kids appear in the music video. The singer/songwriter noted how his focus has shifted now that he’s a husband and father.

“My priorities have changed,” Kelley told New Hampshire Union Leader in March 2020. “I’ve become a lot more patient. I used to be kind of fueled by the almighty dollar, and I’m not anymore.”

Kelley started making a name for himself in 2003 with his song “Amazing”. He met Heigl in 2005, when she was cast in his music video for “Only You”. The couple headed to the altar in 2007, and are now enjoying a full family life.

“I’m more fueled by great experiences, love, family and trust,” the singer revealed. “I think good things happen when you’re focusing on things like that. Making the right kind of time for family is huge for me. They are awesome. I really love being a dad.”

Josh Kelley limits his touring to be home with his family

Some of Kelley’s hits include  “New Lane Road” and “Love Her Boy”. He prefers to infuse his songs with classic rock and pop, which make his music take on a style of its own. Now part of a family of five, Kelley tries to keep touring to a few days at a time so he can be at home more often.

“When I was younger, before I had kids, I’d go on tour for three or four months,” he said. “But this way … is so much better for the family.”

Kelly has tailored his show to include a more personal touch, which always includes humor.

“These are just fun, goofy shows,” he remarked. “I love playing with a full band, but there’s something that happens with solo acoustic shows. It’s more personal. (It) allows me to really connect with the audience in a really different way. They leave with a much more memorable experience.”

Katherine Heigl said the ‘L’ word first to Josh Kelley

Apparently, Heigl knew soon after meeting Kelley that she wanted to get serious and didn’t wait around to make it happen.

“I said, Screw it, I’ll call him,” Heigl told Vanity Fair. “I was really interested. He played it very cool for about five weeks. I had never dated a guy I was so unsure of. I thought maybe I liked him more than he liked me, and I didn’t like that much at all. He played it so cool; he was such a bastard! It totally worked.”

Admitting that she’s “terrible with patience,” the Firefly Lane star also made the first move when it came to saying those significant three little words.

“I said I loved him first, and wanted to know how he felt,” Heigl revealed. “Thankfully, we were on the same page, or it would have been pretty embarrassing.”

After 13 years of marriage, three kids, and still going strong, Heigl’s proactive stance with Kelley turned out to be spot on.

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