Who is Genelle? The Circle contestant and stay-at-mum from London

Genelle is one of the contestants taking part – here is everything you need to know about her…

Who is Genelle?

Genelle, 31, from London, is a stay-at-mum to her 6-month-old daughter, Santanna.

Since becoming a mum, Genelle believes that her social life has shrunk and has found social media has become a great way to stay connected.

She has found that she's lost quite a few friends since becoming a mum because she's not always available socially.

Genelle is pan-sexual and that’s something she won’t be holding back in The Circle.


Who is Genelle playing as on The Circle?

Genelle is playing as herself but she's not revealing all.

She thinks her life has changed since having a baby and believes that The Circle will allow her to paint a more interesting version of her life, that isn’t all about nappies and naptimes.

Her strategy will be that she won't be telling any of the other players that she’s got a child with her.

In fact she isn’t even going to tell them she’s a mum, because thinks other people may assume her life is a bit boring.

Who are the other contestants on The Circle?

Genelle will be joined by seven other contestants…

  • Aiden, 19 – Call centre worker
  • Alex, 26 – Youtuber
  • Dan, 28 – Former estate agent
  • Freddie, 20 – Call centre worker
  • Jennifer, 40 – Doctor
  • Mitchell, 22 – Bar supervisor
  • Sian, 20 – Fashion student

When is The Circle on Channel 4?

The Circle started on September 18, 2018, at 9.15pm on Channel 4.

The show aims to question and shine a light on modern identity, how we portray ourselves and how we communicate through social media.

The contestants live in separate apartments and communicate via social media but never see each other face to face.

Whoever wins will take home a prize of £50,000.

Who is presenting The Circle?

Broadcasters Alice Levine and Maya Jama present the series.

Alice, 32, is a BBC Radio 1 DJ and co-hosts the hit podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno.

Maya, 24, has hosted several MTV shows including The Wrap-Up and True Love or True Lies.

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