Who are the Woerdenweber family on Gogglebox? Meet Viv, Ralph and daughter Eve from the Channel 4 show

Among the Channel 4 show's stalwarts are the Woerdenweber family – and the long-serving family appear to be here to stay. Here's the lowdown on the crew from the Wirral…

Who are the Woerdenwebers?

The Wirral based Woerdenweber family are made up of Ralf, Viv and their daughter Eve.

German-born Ralf Woerdenweber, 52, his English wife Viv, 53, and their daughter Eve, 24 regularly appear on our screens and have made for unmissable viewing since they joined the show.

Longstanding Gogglebox fans will remember Eve’s boyfriend “Silent” Jay – who no longer features on the show.

Eve and Jay broke up but are apparently still friends.

Mum Viv, who has recently lost an impressive amount of weight, runs a shop called Twilight, which sells goth-themed goods. Meanwhile, Ralf works for electronics company Bosch and is also the drummer in a heavy metal band called Citizen Zen – who knew?

Their daughter Eve is currently studying drama at university and became engaged to a new boyfriend, called Josh Smith, at the end of 2015.

What time is Gogglebox on Channel 4?

Gogglebox returned for its 11th series on Friday, February 23 at 9pm on its usual home Channel 4.

Airing once a week, each of the episodes lasts an hour and fans can look forward to 15 episodes – following the same format as previous series.

How much do the Gogglebox families get paid?

A Gogglebox insider told The Sun Online that each of the families taking part are handed a monthly family allowance of £1,500.

The amount is then split amongst contributing family members at their own discretion.

The monthly wage comes with its own added perks and each of the families receives free takeaways to keep them going through each sitting.

How many hours of TV do the Gogglebox families watch?

In exchange for the £1,500 fee (and free food) each of the families are expected to commit to 12 hours of filming a week across two six-hour shifts.

That’s a lot of tele…

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