Who are Kate Garraway and Derek Draper’s children Darcey and Billy? – The Sun

KATE GARRAWAY has always praised her kids for staying strong during her husband's battle against Covid.

Derek Draper, 54, was in hospital for thirteen months and placed in a coma but he was reunited with Garraway and their children, Darcey and Billy, several months ago at their family home.

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How many children does Kate Garraway have?

Kate Garraway shares two children with her husband of more than a decade.

The couple have a 16-year-old daughter called Darcey, who was born on March 10, 2006.

Darcey "won't give up hope" that her dad will get better after a year-long battle with Covid.

The couple also have an 12-year-old son called William, known as 'Billy', who was born on July 28, 2009.

Darcey and William occasionally appear on Kate's Instagram feed, where she has well over 1 million followers.

The pair have even joined their mother at some of her work events and appeared in OK! Magazine with the broadcaster.

How is Kate Garraway's husband doing?

In an upcoming episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, Kate Garraway sadly says her husband Derek Draper is in a “terrible state”.

The former Labour party guru has returned home after spending over 13 months in hospital with long Covid.

Good Morning Britain’s host reveals the extent of her husband’s illness and she says he is still unable to communicate after Covid-19 caused brain inflammation.

Garraway says the “inflammation passed through” his brain making him one of the worst affected living Covid patients in the UK – The Mirror reported.

In the interview, which airs on Sunday at 8pm on ITV, she says: “It’s devastated him.

“From the top of his head to the tip of his toe. His digestive system, his liver, his kidneys, his heart, his nervous system. We’re pretty sure that the inflammation did pass through the brain.

“He still can’t communicate, he still has issues with mobility. Fundamentally, he’s in a terrible state. Look, he’s alive, Piers.”

Derek, a psychologist and psychotherapist, no longer has the virus.

But countless infections have left him with holes in his lungs and he has lost eight stone.

Derek has been left with kidney failure, damage to his liver and pancreas and heart failure.

Derek was reduced to tears as he woke from his medically-induced coma.

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