Where is Jackie Stallone now and how old is she?

SYLVESTER Stallone is a world famous movie star.

He is the son of the great Jackie Stallone – and here's her story.

Where is Jackie Stallone now?

Jackie currently resides in Hollywood.

She is also an astrologer, having previously held a career as a dancer and also a women's wresting promoter.

Jackie has also become and avid user of Instagram and you can follow her on officialjackiestallone.

There you will find hilarious videos and pictures, which of course feature her famous son, Sly.

How old is Jackie Stallone?

Jackie is the grand age of 98-years-old.

She was born in Washing DC on November 29, 1921.

This means she will be 100 in 2021.

When was Jackie Stallone on Celebrity Big Brother?

In January 2005, Jackie joined Celebrity Big Brother as a "surprise" housemate.

She was brought onto the show to ruffle feathers in the house, as her former daughter-in-law Brigitte Nielsen, with whom she notoriously did not get along, was also a contestant.

We all remember uttering those immortal words "yeah Jackie" when she entered the house.

She was voted out first by viewers after spending just four days in the house.

Is Jackie Stallone married and is she married?

Jackie has been married three times but has been wed to her third husband Stephen Levine since 1998.

She has three children.

Along with Sylvester, 73, she also has a son called Frank, 69.

Jackie also had a daughter called Toni D'Alto, who passed away in 2012 from lung cancer.

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