Where does Eliza Butterworth from The Last Kingdom live now?

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The Last Kingdom returned to Netflix for a fifth and final season earlier this year. Eliza Butterworth has since confirmed she will not be returning for the follow-up film, Seven Kings Must Die. This is because she has been living abroad for her next project.

Where does Eliza Butterworth from The Last Kingdom live now?

Eliza Butterworth, 28, is an English actress who was born and raised in Lincoln.

Her mother and father met in Nebraska, where her Italian American mother was training to be a nurse.

Eliza has dual citizenship and she loves the blend of cultures she grew up with.

Over the years, the star has developed a passion for travel and she is currently living abroad for work.

She will be featuring in an upcoming Sky series called A Town Called Malice.

The crime thriller is set in Costa del Sol in the early 80s, and it is being filmed in Tenerife.

Eliza said she had been living in Tenerife whilst filming was taking place.

The actress took to Instagram to say: “I’ve been living in Tenerife since early February and have been having such a blast filming A Town Called Malice for Sky!

“I will be here until the end of June and this is me living my best life as a tourist! All photos taken by my beautiful boo @mythoughtsaloudxxxxxx” [Sic]

From this, it seems the star is nearing the end of her stay on the Spanish island.

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The star spoke to Schon Magazine about her multicultural background.

She said: “Growing up, my summers were always spent in the Midwest of America visiting my family and the Italian influence was evident in the gorgeous food and larger than life personalities.

“I have always loved Italy and find the culture and people so beautiful.”

She added: “My wonderful father is from Lancashire, the lovely warm Northern accents and expressions from my father’s side of the family always make me smile!”

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The star returns to her home town in Lincoln regularly to see friends.

When she is not filming for new projects, the actress is based in London.

Her agency, Emptage Hallett, is in the Soho area of the city.

Eliza will always be known and loved for playing Aelswith in the Netflix historical drama.

However, fans are keen to follow her new ventures, including A Town Called Malice.

The series is scheduled to air on Sky Max and NOW in 2023.

The series follows the Lord family, a criminal family of petty thieves from South London.

They move to Spain to jump on an attractive business opportunity and escape the attention of the police.

Eliza plays Carly Lord, a member of the extended family.

The star has been posting behind the scenes snaps from her filming experience.

The Last Kingdom seasons 1-5 are on Netflix now.

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