When are Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow getting married on Coronation Street and will the wedding go ahead?

But will they even make it down the aisle? Will Tracy find out about the fact Steve cheated on her? – Here's the lowdown…

When are Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow getting married in Coronation Street?

Tracey's hen do is set to air on Friday October 5.

Therefore the wedding will air Oct 8.

This is perfect timing to kick off the new Autumn storylines.

But will the couple's nuptials go to plan?

Will Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow's wedding go ahead?

Steve made a massive blunder when he confused Tracy's offer of a "free pass" to the spa as a free pass to sleep with someone else.

Then he thought it was a test, one which he failed to pass, when he was tempted by Abi during their wedding dance lesson.

But later Steve confessed to Tim that he doesn't love Tracy and has to call off the wedding.

Before he did however, he drowned his sorrows with Leanne Battersby and ended up sleeping with her.

But they were caught in the act by Tracy's brother Peter.

Will Tracy find out before the big day or will Steve confess to what he's done and call off the wedding?

Will Jim McDonald be allowed to attend Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow's wedding?

Jim McDonald shocked everyone when he arrived back in Weatherfield – just in time for Steve's stag do.

But Steve wasn't impressed and neither was his mum Liz.

After trying to scam Liz out of money with the help of his lover and fake daughter Hannah it looks like he's set to rekindle a romance with Liz.

Could Steve be won over and let him come to the wedding or will he rightly remain suspicious?

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