What Jeremiah White Has Been Up To Since Love Island USA

Love Island offers a fun twist on the average dating show because the winning couple has a shot at a $100,000 prize. Love and money! The series began in England but, like The Office, was picked up in America to great success.

The series has given us so many memorable moments with the cast. We’ve gotten to know Julia Hall from Love Island USA, who didn’t get nearly enough screen time as she deserved. Then there was Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew, who took home the big prize and became fan favorites along the way.

Sher Suarez was another who went home way too soon and has had a rough time since leaving Love Island. Like Sher, Jeremiah White was another who didn’t get the time he deserved to shine. He was on Season 2, joining the Las Vegas villa on the first day but ended up being dumped from the island by day 9, according to Love Island Fandom. Fans were optimistic that Jeremiah might find love with Justine, but of course, she chose Caleb.

Jeremiah then got cozy with Rachel Lundell, according to ScreenRant, but that wasn’t successful either so our Mississippi native wound up going home. What has Jeremiah been up to since?

Jeremiah wants to collab with Drake

Jeremiah White has had a great time since leaving Love Island USA. Rapper Drake, who allegedly loves the show, shared a clip of Jeremiah and Johnny Middlebrooks “freestyling by the pool” on his Instagram Stories, according to ScreenRant. Drake captioned the video: “Lightskins doing what we do…”

Jeremiah posted the same video to his social media and urged fans to tag Drake to encourage a collab between Drake, Middlebrooks, and himself. While a collab hasn’t happened yet, there’s no saying it couldn’t happen one day!

But he doesn’t just have his eye on music. Jeremiah has ambitions to become a model and an actor, per ScreenRant, and his Instagram presence shows he’s obviously got what it takes.

While he didn’t find love, Jeremiah has had nothing but good things to say about his time on Love Island. In his exit interview, he said: “I had a good time, I had an amazing experience, I made some lifelong friends. It’s not the end. It’s only the beginning.” Sounds about right. We’re rooting for you, Jeremiah!

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