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EMILY Atack and Katie Price are both very famous names, who have enjoyed incredible careers.

But did you know they once were involved in a very public spat?


What has happened between Katie Price and Emily Atack?

The drama between the two princesses of the jungle all began when Emily Atack appeared to make a joke at Katie Price's expense.

During the show, Emily suggested that her co hosts Joel Dommett and Adam Thomas needed to get tested after they took a dip in the same pool where Katie and ex-husband Peter Andre first canoodled.

She said: "I hope you boys went to the clinic after being in that pool."

What did Katie Price say about the joke?

A source told Sun Online: "Katie says she’s not watching the show, but when Emily Atack mentioned her on Extra Camp all her friends told her what she said.

"Loads of fans were messaging her on social media too – and Katie was furious.

“She was telling people that she can’t believe Emily would say something so snide and if she ‘wants a problem, I’ll give her a problem’."

They added: “At one point Katie was saying she’d fly out to Australia and confront her. She’s not going to, obviously, but she was asking around to see if anyone had Emily’s number."


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