What does the future hold for Nick in Corrie as he struggles to cope?

Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) in Coronation Street has gotten himself into quite a few scrapes in the past. He was involved in one of David Platt’s (Jack P Shepherd) many revenge plans that saw Nick’s life change forever after sustaining brain damage, he’s slept around, he has spent years being a bit of a lone wolf but just lately, we haven’t seen much of the carefree side to Nick, in fact, this last year and a half has seen Nick change completely.

The heart-breaking storyline that saw young Oliver pass away from mitochondrial disease impacted the lives of so many Weatherfield residents. While we’ve seen lot of Leanne (Jane Danson) as she struggles to move forward after her son’s death, as well as Steve (Simon Gregson) as he fundraises in Oliver’s name, we haven’t seen a great deal on how Oliver’s death has impacted Nick.

Oliver’s passing left a hole in so many people’s lives, and with Leanne on a downward spiral – what does the future hold for Nick?

Back in May, when Oliver was first experiencing symptoms of mitochondrial disease, we published a piece on what this difficult journey would do to Nick. We speculated on whether viewers should be concerned for the road Nick would be about to be faced with, and fast forward almost eight months, viewers certainly have a right to be worried about Nick, as given recent scenes, it’s clear he is secretly struggling.

In May, Nick started to feel isolated for the first time. Leanne harshly reminded Nick that he wasn’t Oliver’s biological father and across this storyline, Nick’s feeling of being left out grew after he tried to tell Leanne it was time to think about letting Oliver go due to the severity of his illness. Of course, as we remember, Leanne was convinced there was a miracle out there that could save Oliver, so having her partner not be on her side only made Nick’s constant feeling of being alone even worse.

Despite Nick’s thoughts and feelings, he had to be there for Leanne, which meant little to no time for Nick to stop and consider how he was feeling about his stepson being critically unwell. Nick is a kind character who loves Leanne dearly, stopping and thinking about his own feelings was the last thing on Nick’s mind, which makes for an even darker cloud heading his way in the coming months.

In our previous article, we also questioned just who Nick could talk to about how he was feeling. We mentioned how in the past, during the rare moments where Nick would open up, he would only really talk to Leanne, and now his relationship with Leanne has become somewhat fractured, is there anyone Nick is close to that he can really talk about how Oliver’s death has affected him? And if there isn’t, what will that do to him in the long run?

Often in soaps, what will lead to an intense, dark storyline for a character often begins with a scene involving the character helping someone else. Look at Peter (Chris Gascoyne), his storyline started helping Abi (Sally Carman) after she considered returning to drugs to cope with her arm injury, which led to Peter struggling with watching Abi become tempted by something that would ruin her life, and now, Peter has hit his lowest place to date. If we look at Nick, and the scene where he told Leanne he wasn’t coping and puts on a front, could be the beginning of him spiralling into a dark state of mind.

Nick is the eldest of the Platt siblings. He’s, albeit in the end, there for Sarah (Tina O’Brien) and David during their hour of need, and while we’ve seen Sarah worry about Nick, neither of them have sat Nick down to really get to the bottom of how he’s coping following Oliver’s death. Gail (Helen Worth) has tried to get through to Nick, but ultimately, none of the Platts can get through to Nick, the only person who would have any chance of getting through to him – is Leanne.

Nick and Leanne’s relationship hit breaking point towards the end of Oliver’s life. Nick was trying to make Leanne see that Oliver was too unwell to be saved, but because she was clouded with so many emotions, Leanne never thought Nick was trying to help, Leanne thought Nick was betraying her, and add this to the fact that every time Leanne looks at Nick she’s reminded of the fact that he has a perfectly healthy son and she doesn’t, when the time comes that Nick needs Leanne’s help, will she even be there for him if she still can’t get past the fact that he has a son and she doesn’t?

Nick’s son Sam (Jude Riordan) came into his life at both a good and bad time.
Sam has provided happiness with his constant ways to impress Nick with his endless facts about the universe, the two of them have bonded, and Nick has become a father!

Nick has found a positive distraction when it comes to Sam, but with Natasha (Rachel Leskovac) already saying she would eventually return to collect Sam, when it comes down to the moment, and Sam suddenly disappears out of Nick’s life, that could be where we really see everything Nick has tried to ignore catch up with him.

Nick has developed a huge amount over the past year, it’s even worth noting that everything he’s been through has made his general persona change. Nick is quieter, you could argue he’s tired, exhausted by the constant attempts at trying to help Leanne.

Nick clearly has a wide range of emotions and thoughts to deal with, and bottling them all up in order to help other people only ends in disaster – how long will it be until he truly crumbles apart?

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