Wendy Williams May ‘Walk Away’ From Talk Show as She’s Reportedly ‘Over It’ Following Health Issues

After ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ host is reportedly ‘stressed’ ahead of the Season 13 premiere, it’s said that the daytime diva could quit her show following her serious health struggle.

AceShowbizWendy Williams may “walk away” from “The Wendy Williams Show“. If a new report is to be believed, the daytime diva could quit from her talk show as she is “over it” following her serious mental and health issues.

“The show is set to air through the 2021-22 season,” a source close to the production of the talk show informed The Sun on Wednesday, September 29. The informant explained further, “There is no decision beyond that, but she could very well walk away. She’s over it.”

A separate insider dished though this season has been delayed due to Wendy’s health issues, the show should have gotten word by now if the network was going to renew. “Normally by now they would have announced the renewal long ago. But there is still no word yet beyond 2022,” the so-called inside source shared.

“It was two years ago, in 2019, when they announced that Wendy was renewed for this season, and here we are about to be at the start of it and yet there is no announcement on the show’s future beyond this season,” the insider noted. “Normally they would have made an announcement long ago saying, ‘Hey guys, we’re going to the year 2025.’ “

In the meantime, a third source highlighted there have been times when the show’s renewal would be announced as a several-year deal for Wendy. “She used to be renewed for several seasons at once, in 2013 they renewed her through 2018. Since then, it’s only been renewed for a couple of seasons at a time,” the informant said.

The speculations came after Wendy was reportedly “stressed out” and “not ready” ahead of the talk show’s season premiere. “She shouldn’t be filming yet — it’s way too soon,” a source spilled on Tuesday. The insider went on to add, “She’s stressed and she’s lonely. Wendy has enough money, she’s single. She needs to go get clean and enjoy her life.”

A separate source close to Wendy, who appeared wheelchair-bound and bruised in sightings last week, claimed that the TV hostess “got problems and unfortunately people bottom out.” The insider continued, “When I saw that she was hospitalized, I felt bad. I hope that she will get to a better place, and I’m sure that when the ambulance came — that she went to get the help she needs.”

Though so, “The Wendy Williams Show” Instagram page launched a 20-second teaser, confirming that the show will be returning for season 13 on October 4 and promising “all-new hot topics.” The caption of the announcement read, “THE WAIT IS OVER! Season 13 starts MONDAY. You don’t wanna miss it!”

Wendy’s return to TV came a few days after she was released from a Manhattan hospital after contracting COVID-19 and battling some mental health issues. Following her release, a source claimed that the TV hostess was “ready to get back to work.”

The show’s season 13 premiere was previously delayed after Wendy was taken to the hospital for psych evaluation amid her coronavirus battle. Following her hospitalization, Wendy was reportedly in a “difficult time.” A separate insider claimed, “She’s a single woman with very few friends. She lost her marriage, her mom and is living alone. There is a lot on her plate.”

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