Wendy Williams confirms she is seeing new man Mike Esterman again after flirting with other men at steakhouse

WENDY Williams divulged she is going out with her new man Mike Esterman again this week.

The daytime talk show host also admitted even though she's excited to see Mike soon, she was also flirting with other men at a steakhouse over the weekend.

Wendy revealed during Hot Topics people keep asking her how dating Mike is going.

Wendy shared: "Mike and I will see each other this week… He lives in Maryland, and I live here. Because of the virus, you can't do all that traveling. You can't. A smart one doesn't. But I'm going to see him this week. He's busy… We talk all the time."

She went on how they both have a similar interest in crafting sharing: "That's probably our big connection. First of all, we're both of a certain age and realistic about love or what will happen and the possibilities. But also we're both crafters… That might be corny to you. But not me. I like it."

Wendy added: "Oh Mike, so cute, funny, smart."

Earlier in the segment, Wendy also shared she went out with her girlfriend over the weekend who came into town to visit her saying: "We went to the second steakhouse here in Manhattan… and all I smell is men and money. And I'm perching. I got on my negligee. You know how I do. Switching the little hip I have- switching. Hi boys."

Yesterday Wendy shared snaps from her weekend with her friend, which began at Peter Luger Steak House.

She captioned them: "Happy Sunday! Hope you’re good. My friend came for 24hours & left it up to me to hatch a plan.

"She just got her second shot, has two sons and was ready to have some fun. She's a foodie too. I tried my best to only pick & nibble. All I smelled was men & money."

Wendy added: "Before we knew HE paid for us & politely disappeared. He winked. I giggled. Welcome to SPRING!! See you tmrw with ALL the Hot Topics."

Earlier this month, Mike told The Sun he and Wendy are already planning for her to visit his Maryland hometown.

He dished: "We just met for the first time, but we've been speaking on the phone, and I can only take it one day at a time with an open mind."

"I hope we can meet up again as schedules present themselves. I'm looking forward to treating her to Maryland crabs and crab cakes!"

Following their first date, Wendy said on the show: "I like him. I really really like Mike. We're [close]. We didn't have the sex, but we're close. Based on the virus you don't get close to people, but I couldn't resist."

Wendy added Mike reminds her of the Sex and the City character, Charlotte's husband, Harry Goldenblatt.

She went on of Mike: "He's so nice. He's such a gentleman. He's so respectful… I really like him."

The 56-year-old added: "We kissed… You know I get tested all the time. We kissed. He's got to stand on his tippy toes… Like I really like him, and he really likes me. Like it broke my heart when he was leaving. Like I walked him to the elevator and waited for the doors to close."

Last month, Wendy played a dating game on her show recently and chose to go out with Mike, who works in real estate and home improvement.

Wendy was married to Kevin Hunter from 1997-2019, and they share a 20-year-old son, Kevin Jr.

She filed for divorce after Kevin allegedly fathered a child, reportedly named Journey, with Sharina Hudson.

Wendy and her former show DJ, Boof, were linked for most of 2020, but the show replaced him with DJ Suss One.

The ex-radio host also recently claimed she shared a one-night stand with rapper, Method Man.

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