'WandaVision:' Who Will Make a Surprise Appearance in the Finale?

With one episode left in WandaVision, theories surrounding the finale’s fallout are popping up in all corners of the internet. Mere fans and hyper-enthusiasts alike have taken to predicting what will happen in the show, and how the finale will catalyze future Marvel Cinematic Universe plot lines. Marvel has managed to dodge expectations quite successfully thus far (aside from the satisfying Agnes reveal that many saw coming). 

[WandaVision, episode 1-8 spoiler warning] 

The last episode of WandaVision will reportedly be the longest — with an epic final battle destined to take up a decent amount of the runtime. Will Wanda’s created Vision come head-to-head with Hayward’s White Vision? How will Hayward be punished for all of his lies; will Monica Rambeau put him in his place with her newfound powers? 

Agatha and Wanda seem destined for a purple-on-red magical showdown with Wiccan stepping in to lend a hand. And, let us not forget that some version of Pietro is still in the show, and so is Speed. In other words, the final battle will likely include 2 Visions, a centuries-old witch, Scarlet Witch, Hayward’s forces, an energy-absorbing Rambeau, a couple of kids, and more. And, all of this magic and reality-bending madness seem destined to attract the attention of a well-known sorcerer. 

A Doctor Strange cameo seems like a sure bet 

Doctor Strange is responsible for ensuring that reality stays intact; he is the sorcerer supreme who must guarantee that space, time, and the world’s existence do not come crashing down in a disastrous fashion. Thus, he seems destined to make an appearance, and he’s waited for the final moment to make his grand entrance.

Doctor Strange may help take down Wanda’s hex, yet as a fellow Avenger, he seems likely to take the sorcerer under his wing. He will likely train her to control her chaos magic, rather than turn her into an enemy since he knows she fights with the “good guys.” Yet, is Doctor Strange the only cameo appearance fans should expect? 

A Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) appearance in ‘WandaVision’ seems like a long shot at this point

Though Reed Richards is an aerospace engineer in the comics, and Rambeau has alluded to gaining the help of such an expert, his appearance seems increasingly less likely with the fallout of events that have happened thus far. Not to mention, a Fantastic Four movie is quite far off, so introducing a pivotal member of the group now seems unlikely, as he would then presumably disappear ( or be pushed to the fringes) for several follow-up installments. Yet, he is still a possibility.  

Other theories suggest that Hayward is really a Skrull or a Kree in disguise with intentions that have yet to be fully revealed. And, even others suggest that Nightmare — a main Doctor Strange antagonist – will make an end-credits scene appearance hinting at the upcoming movie’s primary villain. 

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