Vile Stephen Bear claims he's rented a private island in the Maldives to film explicit sex videos with Jessica Smith

VILE Stephen Bear has claimed that he has rented a private island in the Maldives to film explicit sex videos with girlfriend Jessica Smith.

The 31-year-old has been posting x-rated clips of himself and the blonde engaging in sex acts to make cash in recent months.

And his most recent graphic clip, posted yesterday, showed him and Jessica having sex outside, surrounded by trees.

Horrified followers questioned the incredibly public act, and earlier today Bear took to his social media page again to make some wild claims.

Sitting on a windy beach, Bear insisted that Jessica was completely naked next to him.

He then explained: "Just over in the Maldives, there's a volleyball net behind me – why on earth would you have a volleyball net on a-"

Addressing Jessica, he boasted: "$135,000 for two weeks, was it? For two people on our own private island."

He then asked his girlfriend: "And why are you sunbathing naked? Saying that, no-one can see us as we are on our own private island, aren't we?"

This is not the first time that Bear has made shock claims about his finances, previously telling fans that he was going to buy a Las Vegas nightclub and luxury car after cashing in on their sex videos.

However, Bear and Jessica have struggled to monetise their clips in reality as they have been banned from adult-only websites.

He said they'd made £1 million from their first explicit sex tape, but The Sun later revealed that it was actually less than £6,000.

Bear and Jessica have also risked jail by filming themselves having sex while surrounded by what appears to be money and drugs paraphernalia in Turkey, where all drugs are strictly illegal.

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