Vikings plot hole: Fans baffled as they spot error in Bjorn’s quest

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The second half of Vikings’ sixth season is one of the most anticipated new TV releases for 2020. As fans of the History Channel series wait for the new season to become available on Amazon Prime Video some glaring errors have been spotted regarding Bjorn Ironside.


Bjorn Ironside (played by Alexander Ludwig) has led Kattegat into victory since the death of his father, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) at the end of season four.

Now the series is set to conclude later this year, the Age of Vikings is finally expected to meet its downfall by the end of season six.

After invoking the wrath of his half-brother Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) and the Rus forces, Bjorn now lays defeated on the beaches after being struck by a brutal surprise attack.

Although the reign of Vikings has spread across Scandinavia throughout the series, neither Ragnar or Bjorn were successful in taking Norway for their own.


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Bjorn clashed against King Harald (Peter Franzén) during his time on the throne of Kattegat, as he also stood a major threat when his father, Ragnar, was still alive.

However, ruling Norway has always been Harald’s dream, and he finally achieved his goal when he was crowned at the beginning of season six.

Despite never considering control over Norway as one of his main goals, Bjorn was sent into a rage when he was forced to concede the crown to Harald.

Some fans have claimed Bjorn’s reaction to Harald taking the throne is completely at odds with how the character has behaved in the past.

One fan took to Reddit to clarify with other Vikings enthusiasts if Bjorn should have reacted the way he did.

Redditor Maul1313 posted: “Sooo am I missing something? I don’t get why Bjorn is so upset as to not being King of all Norway.

“It was never his desire but the second Olaf brings it up he’s like ‘oh yeah that’d be cool’.”

The fan then reiterated how ruling Norway has always been Harald’s aim since the beginning.

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They also added Bjorn had already got one over on Harald when he had an affair with his wife Astrid (Josefin Asplund) in season four.

Although most fans agreed Bjorn’s reaction was definitely out of step with how the warrior has been characterised in the past, they clarified his anger stemmed more from his rivalry with Harald.

Bjorn has never been obsessed with taking the throne over the whole of Norway, but he also perceived Harald as a significant threat to the reign of Vikings.

Now Harald has the crown, he has even more power to wield and the Vikings are now in danger of being wiped out under Harald’s increased influence.

One fan added: “I think the main reason Bjorn wanted to be King is because he genuinely wants what’s best for his people.”


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“As in he’s always preferred exploring but when he wants to rule, I think he tries to be a great King unlike Ragnar who didn’t care at all for it and never desired that power.”

Other viewers reminded Vikings fans the series tries to remain as close to real historical events as possible, and King Harald is best known as the first King of Norway.

Another fan said: “In the real world King Harald was seen as the first king of Norway so him getting the crown in the show was no surprise to me. That’s why his ambition all through the show to be King made sense.”

Unfortunately, the show’s dependence on historical events doesn’t always line up with what fans already know of the characters, leading to a lot of confusion at the start of season six.

Vikings season 6 is hoped to conclude on the History Channel and Amazon Prime Video in 2020.

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