Very Cavallari's Shannon Ford Explains Lunch with Jay Cutler After His Split from Kristin

Shannon Ford is opening up about her November lunch with former boss Kristin Cavallari's ex Jay Cutler.

Speaking on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast on Tuesday, Ford, 27, said that she was visiting family in Charleston for Thanksgiving when she saw on social media that her agent, Mark Block, was also in town.

Ford planned to meet up with Block, who was unexpectedly with Cutler, 37.

"People don't realize this, but I was with my mom and my grandma," she said, explaining that her family members weren't shown in Cutler's video. "That's how not spicy it was."

"I was trying to be very cool," Ford said of the experience, adding that she does not know why Cutler chose to post the video but thinks that the former athlete probably thought it would be funny.

"I wanted to be, like, the cool girl that was genuinely just like enjoying a drink with her friend and Jay. So I was like, I’m not going to make this weird at all. I want to prove to them that I'm like, not weird," she said.

Cutler ended up taking a short video of the meet up, and shared it on Instagram on November 28. In the clip, the three friends cheers their wine glasses as they sat in the 167 Raw restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina.

"Oysters and wine," the former quarterback captioned the post, tagging Ford and Block.

The video was shared in the wake of his split from Cavallari, 34, in April.

"I don’t know anything about like them together, but I only just viewed them as parents," Ford said of the former couple's split.

"My opinion is it's none of my business," Ford said when asked if she was surprised about Cutler and Cavallari's divorce. "There are three small children who have parents that are divorcing and that’s sad."

Cavallari and Cutler share sons Camden, 8, and Jaxon, 6, and daughter Saylor, 4.

Ford, who applauded the pair's parenting, clarified that she's "not sad if they don’t want to be together — then I’m happy that they’re figuring that out separately. But I’m sad that it’s very public and that they have children."

Ford was fired from her position as social media director for Cavallari's jewelry company Uncommon James during the season 2 premiere of Very Cavallari. In the episode, the mother of three told Ford that she was "single-handedly costing my company money" and was done making "excuses" on her employee's behalf.

During the podcast on Tuesday, Ford admitted that while she was good at her job, she "made a lot of excuses."

"I knew I was good at it, but it was like college all over for me, where like every report card I've ever seen since fourth grade is like, 'she has so much potential but she just won't apply herself,'" Ford said, admitting that she'd often party with her friends and forget to post things for work when she was supposed to.

Cavallari announced in May that the reality series would be ending after three seasons.

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